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Worming your kitten

Worms and your Kitten

Baby girl playing with kitten
You would think that little kittens who had never been outside would be worm free.  However, kittens actually pick up worms from their mother’s milk.

A heavy worm infestation can make your kitten very poorly with sickness, diarrhoea and weight loss.  It can also weaken its immune system.

Hopefully the breeder will already have wormed your kitten when it was 2 weeks old and again at 5 and 8 weeks old before you collected him or her. 

The Vets4Pets vets and nurses then recommend that kittens are wormed regularly every month until they are 6 months old.  After that they can be wormed every 3 months.  Our vets and nurses can discuss your kitten’s lifestyle and habits with you to help you decide on the best worming programme to keep them healthy, happy and worm free. 

The dosage for the worming treatments prescribed by the vets at Vets4Pets are based on the weight of your kitten.  Feel free to pop in any time for us to check your kitten’s weight and make sure they are receiving the correct dose.  We also get to see how they are growing and have a kitten cuddle – we love those! 

The main 2 types of worms which affect kittens are roundworms and tapeworms.

Roundworms look like this under a microscope:
but in real life they are beige and can be coiled like a spring. 

The most common species of roundworm can also infect people.  Children are the most likely to be infected and once the worms spread throughout the body, they can affect the eyes and cause blindness. 

Tapeworms are pale in colour and have flat segments that can look like a grain of rice.  Cats get tapeworms by swallowing fleas whilst they groom themselves or when hunting rodents. 

You can read all about fleas here.

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