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Vaccinating your rabbit
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Rabbit advice: vaccinating your pet

Protect your rabbit against some of the most dangerous diseases

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Get protected

There are two very nasty infectious diseases that threaten pet rabbits, but fortunately your bunny can be protected against them. All you need to do is get your rabbit vaccinated, and then make sure the protection is topped up with an annual booster vaccination. It’s easy to arrange at Vets4Pets, and even gives us a chance to check your rabbit’s general health.


Myxomatosis is caused by a type of pox virus – symptoms include fever, swelling round the eyes and refusal to eat or drink. It is a well-known disease in rabbits as there have been major outbreaks in the past. By making sure your pet is vaccinated, we can all help guard against this happening again.

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease, or RHD, is caused by a virus that is spread in saliva and secretions from the animal’s nose. Rabbits can pass the virus between themselves, or it can be transferred on people, clothing, objects or animals. Vaccination is an important measure to protect not only your own pet, but other rabbits too.

The right time

Vaccination is one of our most common duties at Vets4Pets, so if you’re wondering whether your rabbit is ready, just get in touch. As a general rule, your rabbit can be vaccinated once it’s five weeks old, with immunity taking three weeks to develop. Your pet will then need an annual booster jab to maintain protection.