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As an essential service, we’re still here for you and your pet. We have adapted our services to keep you and our colleagues safe.

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Complete Care Health Plan

With our Complete Care Health Plan, you'll receive all the healthcare essentials, expert veterinary care and cost savings on routine treatments.

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Join our free Puppy and Kitten club

Supporting you and your VIP throughout their first year with expert advice and exclusive offers, including £50 off their first year on Complete Care

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Expert puppy and kitten advice

From toilet training to letting them outside for the first time, we have a hub of useful advice to get you started!

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Neutering your pet

Neutering reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer, removes the risk of problems with the reproductive organs and accidental pregnancy.

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Vaccination services

At your vaccination appointment, your vet will conduct a full health check on your pet and answer any of your questions.

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Getting started with training

You can get even more enjoyment from your furry friend by helping them to learn, so we’ve created a series of guides to get you on your way.

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