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Our Better World Pledge

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Head over to your local practice's Facebook page, or speak to your friendly team in practice, to find out what's happening in your local area.


Real living wage employer

We are a real living wage employer.

Renewable energy

We source 100% renewable energy.


Mental health first aider

We have a qualified mental health first aider in the practice.


Green Champion

We have a colleague who is a Green Champion and leads our sustainability strategy.


External certification

We have been externally certified by Investors in the Environment for our environmental approach.


Recycles waste

We have a recycling and minimising waste policy.


Practice green transport policy

We have a green transport policy for colleagues.


BVA Good Veterinary Workplaces Voluntary Code

We are an active participant and signatory to the Good Veterinary Workplace Code.


Pet Memory Scheme participant

We participate in and support the Vets4Pets and Woodland Trust Pet Memory Scheme which restores, protects and plants woodland in memory of all the pets who we, and you, have loved.


Anaesthetic gases

We use anaesthetic protocols which benefit the planet by using less anaesthetic gas but are also leading the way clinically for your pets.


Community volunteering

We give all colleagues time every year to volunteer in our local community.


Pets at Home Foundation supporter

We support the Pets at Home Foundation by participating in their regular fundraisers and help them in their mission to support pets and the people who love them.


Clinical certificate holders

We have vets and/or RVNs who have advanced certificates in certain areas of veterinary medicine and surgery.