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Our specialist division

Your pet may be referred to a Specialist Centre if your vet believes specific care is needed

What is a referral?

Your vet may recommend sending your pet to a Specialist Centre if they believe specific care is needed; this could be because your pet has a complex diagnosis and would benefit from seeing an expert in that field, or simply that the treatment your pet needs may not be able to be performed at your regular vet practice. 

Should you be referred to a specialist centre, you will see a specialist vet who will have undertaken substantial clinical training in a specific area of expertise and gained additional experience in that field. 

My pet is being referred, what should I expect?

Following a referral to a Specialist Centre, your vet will share information about your pet’s condition as well as pass on your convenient appointment times.   

The Specialist Centre will then call you to confirm your appointment time, discuss a likely estimate for treatment based on the history of your pet that your vet has provided, and confirm any documentation you need to bring (such as your insurance paperwork). 

When you see the specialist vet, they will perform an examination and discuss possible treatment routes and any prices associated with them.  

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that it is more than likely your pet will need to be left in the care of the Specialist Centre, and in some rarer cases for longer than one night. 

Can I book an appointment with a Specialist Centre?

Unfortunately, you cannot book directly with a Specialist Centre as they take on specific cases from a referring vet. 

We would always recommend visiting your usual vet in the first instance if you believe your pet is unwell.   

Our Specialist Centres

Specialist Division

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Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, located near Winchester, provides the highest quality surgical and medical care for cats and dogs from across Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and beyond.

The team takes referrals in soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, internal medicine, neurology & neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology, dermatology and physiotherapy. In 2016 Anderson Moores opened a Feline Hyperthyroid Clinic.

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Dick White Referrals

Dick White Referrals is one of the largest Specialist veterinary centres in Europe, offering outstanding levels of clinical care in state-of-the-art facilities based in Cambridgeshire.

The team specialises in anaesthesia and analgesia, cardiology, clinical pathology, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, interventional radiology, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, physiotherapy and soft tissue surgery.

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Eye Vet

Eye Vet is a dedicated ophthalmology referral centre based in the heart of Cheshire established in 2006. Eye Vet provides ophthalmology services for small animals, and some large animals, with ocular disease and emergencies for the North West of England and Wales.

Specialist treatments include, but are not limited to, corneal repair, glaucoma shunt surgery, lid reconstruction, electroretinography and ocular ultrasonography.

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Northwest Veterinary Specialists 

Northwest Veterinary Specialists provide specialist veterinary services to practices in North West England and North & Mid Wales.

Specialist disciplines include orthopaedic, soft tissue and spinal surgery, neurology, internal medicine, oncology and anaesthesia with support in diagnostic imaging.

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