Terms and conditions of your Complete Care Health Plan (“Your Plan”)

These terms and conditions, the Membership Application Form and the Complete Care Health Plan Leaflet together (together “Terms; Your Plan”) form the basis
of the contract with your veterinary practice (“Your Vet”) and the pet owner
(“you” “your”). These Terms are important and we strongly advise that you read
through them carefully and keep them in a safe place, so that you can refer to
them in the future.

Your Plan is administered by The Animal Healthcare Company Limited (The Animal
Healthcare Company”) for and on behalf of Your Vet. The Animal Healthcare
Company’s role is to provide administrative services to support the contract between
you and Your Vet. This includes passing your payments onto Your Vet on a regular

1. Treatment your pet is entitled to – the treatment paid for by Your Plan entitles
the pet you name on your Membership Application Form (“Your Pet”) to receive
specified routine preventative healthcare, services and treatments required to
maintain Your Pet’s health, as prescribed by Your Vet and as described in the
Complete Care Leaflet or Complete Care Senior Leaflet (“Treatment”).

2. Nothing in Your Plan prevents you and Your Vet agreeing that they will provide
additional healthcare, services and treatments outside Your Pet’s entitlement under
Your Plan. Any additional healthcare, services or treatments which are not included
in Your Plan will incur an additional charge which is payable separately by you to
Your Vet.

3. Treatment by another veterinary practice – Your Plan entitles Your Pet to receive
Treatment at Your Vet only. If you choose for Your Pet to have healthcare, services
or treatments provided by a veterinary practice other than Your Vet, these services
will not be covered by Your Plan.

4. Products prescribed by Your Vet must be used in accordance with YourVet’s
instructions and must not be used on any pet other than Your Pet. If Your Pet is
sensitive or allergic to the products prescribed under Your Plan, substitute products
may be available, which may result in an additional charge. Please discuss Your
Pet’s clinical requirements with Your Vet.

5. Your Plan entitles Your Pet to two consultations with Your Vet. One veterinary
consultation will be conducted by Your Vet at the time of Your Pet’s annual
vaccination. Please note that any additional veterinary consultations, health
checks, treatments, preventative healthcare or services are payable separately by
you to Your Vet.

6. Complete Care Senior 10% off prescription medication - The 10% discount is only
applicable for prescription medication that your vet has recommended based on
an observed and diagnosed clinical need. The discount excludes items constituting
Flea and Worm treatment which are already provided for in the appropriate
quantities for your pet within the plan. Only the pet registered for Senior Plan is
eligible for the 10% discount on prescription medication. This discount cannot be
used for treatment for other pets not covered by the plan.

7. By entering into Your Plan you are agreeing to make the payments set out in the
Membership Application Form (“Payment”) to Your Vet.

8. We will not refund fees paid or payable by you except in the case of our
administrative error (in our reasonable opinion) or the death of Your Pet, in which
case we will only refund sums you have already paid for which Your Pet has not
received Treatment. You must collect all prescribed treatments within 3 months
after the termination or expiry of Your Plan, whichever occurs sooner, following
which you will not be entitled to collect any prescribed treatments. In order to
comply with dispensing regulations your pet will need to have been examined by a
veterinary surgeon within the 12 months prior to collection, otherwise you may be
required to book a consultation which will be charged at the normal rates.

9. If Your Pet’s weight changes and as a result it moves into a higher or lower weight
threshold, we reserve the right to terminate your plan on 28 days’ written notice,
You will then be required to sign a new plan and pay the increased or decreased
fee accordingly. We also reserve the right to change the weight thresholds from
time to time by giving you at least 28 days’ notice in writing.

Term and termination
10. Your Plan is an annual contract and we will write to you no later than 28 days prior
to the expiry of Your Plan to offer you continuation terms on behalf of Your Vet. If
you do NOT wish to renew Your Plan for a subsequent year, then you should notify
us at least 7 days prior to the expiry of Your Plan.

11. We or Your Vet reserves the right to terminate your plan by giving you written
notice expiring on the last day of the month, after not less than one month’s notice,
for any reason that we consider reasonable and necessary.

12. If you change your mind and wish to cancel Your Plan, you have 14 days from the
date of making the Payment in which to do so. You should contact us in writing
at the address above. You will be liable to pay to Your Vet the full, non-discounted
value of any Treatments received prior to the date of cancellation of Your Plan.

13. Any refund due to you of fees paid in respect of Your Plan pursuant to clauses 8, 9
and/or 12 above shall be paid as follows:

13.1 If you paid the Payment by payment card – by a refund by Your Vet of the
relevant amount to the same card that you used to make the Payment.

General Conditions
14. You MUST be over 18 years of age to enter these Terms.

15. Your Plan may not be transferred either from Your Pet to another pet, or from you
to a third party.


17. These Terms are subject to English law.

18. The estimated saving compared to the full price of the products in Your Plan will
be calculated by Your Vet before you complete the Membership Application Form.
Please note that any offer or discount to reduce the price of Your Plan at the time
of your application will be permitted solely at the discretion of Your Vet.

19. We reserve the right to suspend Your Plan if you have any outstanding debt
with your vet for any treatment or medication outside of Your Plan that is more
than 7 days overdue. Your Plan will be reactivated once payment of the debt is
made in full. All new Complete Care Plans are subject to our acceptance of your
Membership Application Form and we reserve the right to refuse to enter into
Terms with you.

Variation of these Terms
20. We reserve the right to vary these terms on one months’ written notice given
to you by us. If you do not wish the Contract to continue having regard to any
variation notified to you, you may end it as detailed in clause10. If you do not do
this by the time the notice has expired, you will be deemed to have accepted the

Your Responsibilities
21. The weight of Your Pet entered on your Membership Application Form will be
the weight used to determine the fee category Your Pet falls into, subject to any
changes in accordance with clause 9.

22. If your personal details change, you should notify Your Vet immediately.

23. If Your Pet is lost or deceased, you should notify Your Vet and contact us to
cancel Your Plan.

24. You are responsible for ensuring Your Pet attends Your Vet regularly and that
you comply with the advice and treatment Your Vet prescribes for Your Pet.
We will endeavour to remind you about treatments that are due but it is your
responsibility to ensure that you collect and correctly administer any prescribed
treatments that are covered within Your Plan and you should not rely solely on the
reminder system

Complaints Procedure
25. If you have any cause for complaint with the administration of Your Plan or your
Direct Debit, please contact The Animal Healthcare Company by telephone: 0800 587 1019; or email: v4p@ahcltd.co.uk or write to Animal Healthcare Company Ltd, New Bond House, Bond Street, Bristol, BS2 9AG.

26. If you are unhappy with the Treatment or any aspect of Your Pet’s veterinary care,
you should contact Your Vet.

Use of your Personal Information
27. The main purpose for which the Animal Healthcare Company hold and use your
personal data is to enable us to administer your Payment Plan. They also use
personal data for market research to improve services to you and other customers,
to comply with legal obligations which they are subject to, to protect their
interests and for fraud detection and prevention.

28. Whilst administering your Payment Plan, the Animal Healthcare Company may
receive and share personal data with:

• other relevant persons involved in dealing with your Plan and Your Vet
• persons appointed by the Plan holder and/or under a Power of Attorney for a
period of time, e.g. the pet’s owner when different to the Plan holder.

The Animal Healthcare Company operates strict procedures to ensure that your
personal data is kept safe and secure.

You have the right to know what personal data the Animal Healthcare Company
hold about you, why they hold it and what they do with it. If you wish to find out
any of these things or advise us of a change to your personal data then please write
to: The Data Protection Officer,  Animal Healthcare Company Ltd, New Bond House, Bond Street, Bristol, BS2 9AG. Please note that a small charge may

29. The Animal Healthcare Company administers Complete Care Health Plan
registrations and collects fees on Your Vet’s behalf. Your contract for the provision
of treatment or veterinary services is not with the Animal Healthcare Company
Limited and the Animal Healthcare Company Limited accepts no liability to you
(whether in respect of negligence, breach of contract, defective or unsatisfactory
treatment or otherwise) in connection with any contract it administers on Your
Vet’s behalf. The Animal Healthcare Company has no obligation to pay Your Vets
any payment or fees not received or any other monies owed.

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