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Blood Donor Day

The reasons for needing a blood transfusion are very similar to humans, it is used to treat anaemia caused by such things as disease, trauma or surgery.

Just like people, sick and injured dogs may need blood transfusions, and, in most cases, it is the difference between life and death. Research we carried out revealed that only 40% of pet owners in the UK know their dog can give blood. Every year blood transfusions save thousands of dogs’ lives across the UK.

Dogs, like humans, have red blood cell types. The two main types are DEA 1 positive and DEA 1 negative. Positive blood is only suitable to treat dogs who are also positive, whereas negative blood can be used to treat both positive and negative dogs.

Blood type

Pet Blood Bank is the UK’s only charity that does the same for pets; providing a canine blood bank service for vets throughout the UK.

We are working with Pet Blood Bank to encourage more owners to register their dog to give blood. The focus is on dogs with the negative blood type, as these supplies are often low or out of stock because only 30% of dogs have this blood type, and because it can be used to treat all dogs.


Pet Blood Bank works to ensure that donating blood is a safe and enjoyable experience for every dog, and so have a strict welfare first policy with any donation. Any dog donating blood also has to meet the following criteria before it can donate:


Blood donation check list

To find out more about pet blood donation, please visit our 2019 Vet Report, or to register your dog as blood donor, visit Pet Blood Bank.