Thinking about getting a bird?

Birds are intelligent pets who enjoy interaction with people but can also fit in well into a busy lifestyle. Generally, the larger a bird is, the bigger the commitment needed in terms of space, money and time.

Are you ready for a bird?

Learn how to prepare


Pet birds come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique personalities.

Most birds are friendly and make good companions; especially for people who maybe can't go outdoors much or families with children. Unfortunately, birds can get very frustrated, bored and even depressed if the right environment isn’t provided which can lead to serious behavioural issues.


The size of bird cage required will depend on the species and number of birds you are going to keep.

There should be enough perches and space for your pet to exercise; and many species will also regularly need to be let out of the cage to fly around. Some species will need to be kept in pairs or groups. Don’t forget cage accessories such as toys, bells and mirrors.


All birds need daily care including feeding and cage cleaning.

Make sure to provide a balanced, formulated diet appropriate for your species of bird. A formulated diet with pellets is often a good place to start. They may require specialist veterinary care which can be costly so do consider pet insurance. Remember that birds are a long-term commitment with many species living for 10 years or more!