Thinking about getting a cat?

Cats make great pets and could be the choice for you because being territorial they need consistency in their environment; they need daily care and space to exercise but are more independent than dogs.

Are you ready for a cat?

Learn how to prepare


Being territorial, cats grow very attached to their surroundings and don’t always cope well with big changes.

They are happy left alone and don't need other pets to keep them company but most do enjoy human company. Cats have a wide range of personalities from shy and skittish to outgoing and spontaneous and a pedigree cats’ behaviour is generally more predictable than moggies.


Cats can be kept indoors or outdoors and each lifestyle has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A cat’s key resources include high resting places, safe hideaways, warm comfy beds, a litter tray, food and water bowls, interesting toys and scratch posts. The position of the litter tray is very important and should be located in a discreet corner, away from busy thoroughfares, full-length windows, food and water.


Whether you choose wet or dry food; make sure your cat’s diet is complete and appropriate for their life stage.

Cats like to eat little and often but watch their waistline! Cats are a long-term commitment, easily living for 10-15 years and regular veterinary healthcare is vital to keeping them happy and healthy. They will need neutering, annual vaccinations and regular flea and worm treatment.