Thinking about getting a fish?

Fish are a good match for you as they generally don’t require a lot of space or time to look after. The setup costs for fish can be high but ongoing maintenance costs tend to be lower.

Are you ready for a fish?

Learn how to prepare


There are hundreds of different species, from a common goldfish to very exotic ones.

Unlike other pets, they don’t need a lot of interaction which is why they fit in well with a busy lifestyle but this doesn’t mean different fish don’t have their own unique personalities. Make sure you find out which fish can live together as some types can be aggressive to others.


Many fish are sold when young and can have a fair bit of growing still to do.

Make sure you buy a big enough tank; the bigger you can provide the better. You will have to provide the correct gravel, hideaways and plants to enrich the environment. A fish tank will need maintenance and cleaning out regularly.


Some species are easier to look after than others.

The majority of common fish diseases are caused by poor water quality or an imbalance in water chemistry, so the best way to prevent your fish from becoming ill is to make sure that the water in your aquarium is correctly maintained. This might include dechlorinating the water and checking the temperature, pH and salt content regularly.