Large Dog

Thinking about getting a large dog?

Looks like you are suited to any size dog including the biggest of them all! You have enough space, time and money to look after them. The endless choice of breeds can be daunting so ask your vet for advice.

Are you ready for a large dog?

Learn how to prepare


You will have to do your homework on the different personalities and temperaments of the many large breed dogs available to find out which one is best for you.

They can look big and scary, but most are actually extremely gentle. They make great companions and family pets. These large or giant breeds are ideal for active owners who have plenty of indoor and outdoor space for a pet.


Large dog breeds have similar requirements as smaller breeds.

But generally, need 'more' of it: a bigger house, a bigger garden, more time spent exercising/grooming. They need lots of space to walk, move, and run. Small flats are generally not the best environment for them and they also require much more exercise than smaller dogs.


The monthly cost to look after a large dog can easily be in excess of £200.

They eat more and require larger doses of flea and worm treatments. This cost doesn’t include unexpected vet visits so always consider pet insurance to help cover the vet bills when your dog is ill or injured. Always make sure you feed them an appropriate complete diet for their big size, especially in growing dogs.