Thinking about getting a rabbit?

Rabbits suit you because they need space and enjoy interaction with people. They are a big commitment and need regular veterinary care so require more investment than other small pets.

Are you ready for a rabbit?

Learn how to prepare


Rabbits are funny, intelligent and inquisitive.

They can become friendly and confident around people if gently handled from a young age, although they do not naturally enjoy being cuddled. While they can enjoy human company, this should never substitute a companion of their own kind and they are happiest when they have a friendly rabbit for company. They should never be kept with guinea pigs.


Whether kept indoors or outdoors rabbits need a lot of space.

This should consist of a safe shelter where they can rest or hide in, and a spacious living area to run, jump, hop around, explore, dig, graze and forage in. Make sure there are items to explore like tunnels, boxes, plant pots and toys. If kept indoors you will have to rabbit-proof your house!


Getting a rabbit’s diet right is key as they have a very sensitive digestive system and are prone to dental problems as well.

Veterinary care has improved a lot in recent years which means more can be done to keep rabbits happy and healthy for longer including vaccinations and neutering but this also means vet bills can add up so do consider pet insurance.