Thinking about getting a reptile?

If you are not too squeamish of scaly pets – a reptile could be a match! Set-up costs can be high but ongoing maintenance tends to be less. Space and daily care required can be low depending on the species.

Are you ready for a reptile?

Learn how to prepare


Having a cold-blooded pet does not mean they are cold- hearted too!

Different reptile species have very different personalities and they can show emotions, albeit less obvious compared to other pets. They may not be the cuddliest but that doesn’t mean you can’t handle them, care for them and create a wonderful bond with your reptile.


Reptiles can often seem more demanding to own and care for and many will need a very specific environment in terms of type of light, temperature and humidity.

Researching your chosen species can be a daunting task so always ask a vet or reptile specialist for advice. Some might need climbing space or grow much bigger than you think!


While some are easier to look after than others, they still require regular feeding, cleaning and general care.

From live insects and frozen mice to fresh vegetables or a complete formulated diet, each type of reptile will need something specially tailored to meet their own personal needs. Many reptile diseases and illnesses occur due to an incorrect diet or living environment so it’s very important to get this right.