Small Dog

Thinking about getting a small dog?

A small dog could be perfect for your lifestyle. They don't need a huge amount of space or exercise but do need daily walks and interaction with their owner.

Are you ready for a small dog?

Learn how to prepare


Different dog breeds have different personalities and even though in general small dogs’ requirements are similar, their personalities are not.

Make sure to do your research into different breeds. While they might look small and cute they should be treated like any other dog. Unfortunately, treating them like toys or handbag dogs can lead them to be under socialised, nervous with handling and lifelong welfare consequences.


Small dogs can be great if you don't have a big garden or loads of space in your house but they will still need exercising daily.

Always make sure your garden is safe and secure but also exercise your dog outside of the garden or they will get bored. All dogs need proper training and cannot be left alone for long periods of time.


All dogs are highly social animals and you have to spend a lot of time with them.

Choose a diet appropriate for their size, life stage and lifestyle. Dogs need regular vet checks including vaccinations and regular flea and worm treatments. Even though they cost less to treat than big dogs, veterinary bills can add up so always consider pet insurance.