Small Furry

Thinking about getting a small furry?

A small pet such as a hamster, rat or a couple of guinea pigs is a good match for you because they don’t require too much space, time commitment or money to look after.

Are you ready for a small furry?

Learn how to prepare


From hamsters and rats to chinchillas and guinea pigs small pets generally do enjoy interacting with humans.

Especially if they have been handled from a young age. They can make excellent pets to help teach children responsibility and kindness but always make sure children are taught how to handle their pet correctly. Consider whether your pet’s habits fit in with your lifestyle as many species are nocturnal.


Space requirements vary greatly depending on the species.

From a small cage for a hamster to a large outdoor run for guinea pigs. Consider that some species, such as gerbils will become unhappy living alone whilst for others such as Syrian hamsters this is appropriate. Think about what else your pet might enjoy such as an exercise wheel for hamsters or a dust bath for chinchillas.


All small pets will need their living space regularly cleaning out.

They all have different diet requirements so make sure you find out what the appropriate diet and treats are for your pet as well as any fruit or vegetables you can safely feed them. Some small pets like to hoard their food so make sure you remove any old food daily.