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Laser Therapy

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Why does my pet need laser therapy?

Laser therapy is an excellent way of offering relief to animals suffering from pain or who need to improve healing after a surgery or injury. It works by improving the patient’s own healing ability in order to speed up recovery and reduce the need for pain medication.

It is a non-invasive method of managing pain and offering relief to animals with a range of conditions from joint problems to skin irritation and multiple types of infection or inflammation brought on by age on injury. Laser therapy can also be used post operatively to speed up wound healing and reduce the need for pain relief medication. 

With the help of our dedicated physiotherapist we are able to enhance the healing process for animals undergoing all kinds of treatments, ranging from post-operative aftercare to muscle stiffness and joint pain as well an assortment of inflammation problems.

What you can expect

Laser therapy manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration by increasing circulation and drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the treatment area, which creates an optimal healing environment and reduces inflammation, swelling and stiffness. 

Laser light speeds increases blood supply to the injury, encourages the multiplication of cells and causes more rapid healing by also producing more collagen, which is the building block of repair.

Is it painful?

No, the animal does not experience any discomfort during treatment beyond a slight warming sensation at the treatment site.

What is it used for?

Common applications of laser therapy include:
• Orthopaedic problems
• Joint and bone pain
• Muscle ache and spasm
• Post operative wound healing
• Skin Inflammation