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Specialist Services

Find out more about the specialist services we offer here at Vets4Pets Basildon


Laparoscopic keyhole surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, most commonly used for bitch spays.

As well as reducing the size of incisions, the surgery has many other benefits: 

  • Reduces pain
  • Lowers the risks of wounds and post-operative complications  
  • Faster recovery times

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a great way to reduce pain and accelerate healing. It works by improving the patient's own healing ability by accelerating tissue regeneration. This speeds up recovery whilst also reducing the need for pain medication.

It can be used to help recovery with a variety of issues such as post operative aftercare, muscle stiffness, joint pain and inflammation problems.

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CT Scanner

Our CT scanner allows us to see inside of your pet, enabling us to make a positive and more accurate diagnosis.  We can then make sure the most effective medical and surgical treatment can be administered to your pet.

A variety of examinations can be carried out, including neurological conditions, cancer, trauma, blood vessel diseases and orthopedic problems.

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Orthopaedic Surgery

Through our collaboration with VSUK we can now offer a range of specialist orthopaedic assessments, consults and surgeries to all our patients.

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Night Services Team

Our Night Services Team work throughout the night to look after our inpatients, making sure your pet is as comfortable as possible in their overnight stay.
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"I have always enjoyed the hands on in-patient care role and the nature and importance of emergency work.”

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"I enjoy being part of the night services team as it’s different every night, I enjoy making sure the animals are as comfortable as they can be in a different environment."


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“I love working as a night student nurse because it’s all about the animals and spending more quality time with them giving them lots of TLC and pampering."

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“I love being a night nurse as there is always more quality time to spend with the patients, and the best bit to being a night nurse is that there is always more time to cuddle and play with my patients.”