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Pet Hero!

Here at Vets4Pets Cambridge we love our pets, and we know you do too.

Pet Hero!

 As a pet owner you know what a huge difference animals make to our lives and we are now searching Cambridge for that 'extra special pet' that is a real 'hero'.


We are celebrating all 'Pet Hero's' whether they have tails or scales, feathers or fur so if you know a pet that has done something truly amazing that has affected a life then we want to hear from you!


We are initially looking for one 'Pet Hero' a month from now until the end of August and then we will announce our overall most deserved 'Pet Hero', so you have plenty of time to enter your pet!


Nominations could include:

-Bravery stories

-Life changing assistance stories

-Working or serving animals

-Or even 'I just love my pet and that's why they are my hero', stories!

To join our search for the 'Pet Hero' of Cambridge' please start posting to our Facebook page found here with a photo of your pet and a short description of why they should win 'Pet Hero' of the month using the #pethero (so we can easily find your 'hero' nominee). There will be prizes!

Our winner for July is Eva!

"Eva is a specially trained PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) assistance dog. She is specifically trained to help veteran soldiers (me) to deal with symptoms of PTSD such as grounding for when a flash back or nightmare happens by jumping up, placing her head on my lap or by barking. 

She also helps as a crutch for dealing with crowded spaces and blocking people from crowding me. She was trained with the help of a charity called ‘Veterans with dogs’ who are based in Devon. Eva was one of the first to qualify as a registered PTSD dog. She helps me every day. If it wasn't for her love and bond with me I would suffer terribly. She is one in a million and could never be replaced!"


The other nominee for July was:

Sami July Runner up.png


Our winner for June is Cordelia!

This is what her owner had to say:

"Cordelia was found abandoned on the side of the road in April 2016, her hip was out of socket and she was in obvious pain. Rescuers at Saving Grace, North Carolina saved her from animal control and carried out surgery on her broken leg. In June she became a permanent part of our family after failing to settle at a number of foster homes, and made the move with us when we re-located to the UK. Despite all shes been through this little pup continues to thrive and win the hearts of all who know her. She's not perfect and we continue to work on her doggie manners, but I'm proud to be this little hero's mum!”


The other nominees for June were: