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Vets4Pets Llanrumney - Hall of Fame

Meet the winners of our Star Pet of the Month

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**Meet February 's Winner 2018**

Bentley-Hancock is a gorgeous young chap who got himself into a spot of bother after an accident recently. He sustained a fracture to his left femur (or thigh bone) which required surgery. His pre-operative xray shows the femoral neck fracture (arrow) and the bone around the frature site which had started being resorbed (disappearing), making it painful and difficult for him to walk.

Our vet Tom performed a procedure called a Femoral Head and Neck Excision - removing the part of Bentley's thigh bone that was fractured. He recovered really well and was pain free just days after his operation.Here is a lovely photo of him recovering at home the day after his surgery.

Bentley-Hancock (his full title!) wins a box of Advocate parasite treatment and a bag of Royal Canin food to help keep him in tip top condition. Well done Bentley x

Colin Hope 3.jpg

**Meet January's Winner 2018**

Meet Colin, our Star Pet of the Month. This young chap has been a regular and much loved visitor here at Llanrumney Vets4Pets. We first met him back in 2013, as a 9 week old puppy when we had just opened the practice. He is a fantastic dog with such a dedicated owner and has always been a model patient...until recently! 

Colin had a bit of a dietary indiscretion, that is to say, he managed to find, and eat a corn on the cob kernel - whole! This resulted in a blockage of his stomach outflow tract, a life threatening situation. We knew he needed surgery due to some sort of blockage as his xray revealed something called a gravel sign (arrow on the picture) - so our vet Tom took him straight to theatre.

Luckily after the kernel was removed, he steadily went on to make a full recovery. We love you to bits Colin - please don't feel you need to make yourself poorly to come and visit us!

Colin wins a bag of Royal Canin food (his usual diet!) and some Advocate parasite treatment. Big hugs to this Gentle Giant and well done to his owner for nursing him back to strength.

Colin Hope 3.jpg

Tom performed surgery to remove these stones which you can also see in the photo. Loopy is recovering really well thanks to Tom’s thorough exam and rapid treatment – so next he can focus on her kneecap and back leg!


**Meet December's Winner 2017**

Loopy is a 5 year old “Jug” who came in to see Tom just over a month ago because she was lame on one of her back legs. Tom diagnosed a sliding knee cap (which will need treatment) but his thorough examination of Loopy also revealed a crunching feeling in her bladder.

Tom advised a urine test which showed microscopic levels of blood, and an x-ray which confirmed his suspicion – masses of bladder stones as you can see in the x-ray. Bladder stones are deposits of particular types of minerals that sediment out in urine forming actual stones in the bladder. 

Loopy is a lovely dog with a dedicated owner – they very much deserve to win Pet of the Month for November. She wins some Advocate parasite treatment and a special bag of Royal Canin Urinary food, which contains specific proportions of minerals to help prevent recurrence of these stones. 

Well done Loopy.


**Meet November's Winner 2017**

Miley is a 4 year old French bulldog who came to see our vet Tom, because she was vomiting badly and had deteriorated quickly. She was severely dehydrated so Tom admitted her to our clinic immediately for treatment of circulatory collapse. He took x-rays of her abdomen which revealed the cause of this severe vomiting – not one, but TWO rubber balls, that had passed through her stomach and were completely blocking her intestine. You can see the rubber balls in two different views of her abdomen in the x-rays below.

Tom operated later on that day, as soon as she was stable enough to be anaesthetised, and she hasn’t looked back since! 

Foreign body ingestion can occur at any time of year especially in inquisitive young pets, but be especially careful around Christmas. Food items/food packaging and sparkly decorations can all be a bit too tempting to explore – so do take extra care to keep them out of your pets’ way.

We are glad to see you back on your feet Miley and you are our Star Pet of the Month for November. You win a bag of Royal Canin food that you CAN eat, and some Advocate parasite treatment that you CAN’T!!


There’s a picture of the rubber balls – why on earth she decided to gobble these is a mystery! Thankfully she’s completely back to normal and we hope she stays out of mischief from now on!

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Ronnie Bunce 2.jpeg

**Meet October's Winner 2017**

Introducing Ronnie, our star pet for October. 

Ronnie is a rescue dog and it's fair to say that very few dog owners would have taken him on. He has severe changes to the joints in his elbows and wrists making it too painful to bear weight. 

Ronnie suffers a growth deformity called German Shepherd Dog dwarfism and will require a number of major orthopaedic surgeries to try and give him the best quality of life. Ronnie has undergone several operations performed by our vet Tom and, whilst he is not out of the woods yet, he is making steady progress. One of the multiple procedures Tom had to perform, was to cut one of Ronnie's bones to realign it and pin it back in place (as you can see in the before and after x-rays). 

Ronnie is a star having gone through months of surgery and rehabilitation, but the real star here is his owner, Mrs. B. Very few people would have dedicated themselves to such a gorgeous but challenging dog. In some ways he is actually lucky to have been dumped, so that he could be rescued by this very special owner. 

Well done Ronnie and especially well done Mrs. B. Wishing you all the best and hoping for a smooth recovery from this point on xx 

**Meet May's Winner 2017**

Introducing Mr. Gosh, our Star Pet of the Month for May 2017. 

Poor Mr. Gosh was involved in a road traffic accident in March and sustained a serious "degloving" injury to his left fore paw and leg. This is a particularly nasty type of injury we see from time to time, where the skin is torn away from the underlying tissue up the length of the paw and/or leg. 

The initial photos of his injuries are just too gory and upsetting for social media so instead here he is relaxing, two months later. After repeated surgery, stitching, cleaning, sedating and bandaging, he is not quite healed, but is well on his way to full recovery. 

Well done Mr. Gosh, you are a lovely chap who is lucky to have dedicated owners and ultimately lucky to have all four legs! Mr. Gosh wins a supply of parasite treatment Advocate, and a bag of Royal Canin food xx

Mr Gosh V4P LLanrumney.png
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**Meet April's Winner 2017**

Meet Dot, our Star Pet for April. 

Dot is a three year old Miniature Schnauzer who came to us because her owner noticed she was having difficulty weeing. She also had blood in her urine and upon testing we found lots of little crystals in the wee, known as struvite crystals. These little crystals were a sign of a bigger problem - two bladder stones that you can see here on Dot's X-ray (white arrow pointing to the largest). 

Although bladder stones can occur in any breed, Miniature Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, Miniature Poodles and Bichon Frises are some of the most commonly affected. Many dogs with struvite bladder stones have a urinary tract infection which Dot did too. 

So as well as bladder surgery to remove the stones, Dot is receiving a course of antibiotics and a special diet, Royal Canin Urinary, to help prevent recurrence. 

Dot is recovering extremely well and is the winner of our April Star Pet. As well as some parasite treatment, Dot will receive a free bag of Royal Canin food - the special urinary diet she needs at the moment. 

Well done Dot! x

**Meet March's Winner 2017**

Meet Lily, a two and a half year old Labrador cross, who's very much a regular at our clinic! Lily developed itchy skin as a young dog and after a thorough work up, was unfortunately diagnosed with allergic skin disease.

Allergic skin disease is very common in our canine population, and can be quite distressing to dogs as well as their owners, as they lick and scratch and nibble to try and alleviate the chronic itchiness that they suffer day and night. Some dogs are allergic to pollen, some to dust and storage mites, and various other environmental allergens that you just cannot avoid. 

Luckily for Lily her owners are very dedicated, and have taken every step to help minimise the impact of this disease on her life. Lily receives regular medication including immunotherapy, which has been hugely successful in giving her back the quality of life that her and her fab owners deserve. 

We love you Lily, and whilst we wish you didn't have to come in quite so often, we do like to see you! Well done Star Pet Lily, you've won a supply of Royal Canin food and flea and parasite treatment, Advocate.

Nacho X-Ray.jpg

**Meet February's Winner 2017**

Meet Nacho, a gorgeous two and a half year old Dalmation who had an unfortunate incident when he decided to eat some inedible items! The pieces of plastic he ate caused two separate blockages in his small intestine; a potentially life threatening situation. 

When Nacho was being sick, his owner knew something wasn't right, and brought him to us. Our vets examined him and took an x-ray which you can see here. 

Many foreign objects don't show up on x-ray - plastic often doesn't. The arrows point to large amounts of gas throughout the gut, which along with palpation of his abdomen, made us suspicious that he had swallowed something he shouldn't! 

Nacho was immediately operated on to remove the two objects and happily, he made a full recovery. Here he is at home showing off his lovely smile - we're so glad you made it Nacho.

For being our Star Pet (and promising he won't do it again!), Nacho receives a bag of Royal Canin food and a box of our recommended parasite treatment, Advocate. 

Well done Nacho! x

** Meet January's Winner 2017**

Lola was playing on the beach when suddenly she went lame on her left hind leg. Lola's owner brought her to our practice in Llanrumney the following day where she was examined by orthopaedic surgeon Tom. 

By feeling her knee Tom was able to quickly diagnose a ruptured cruciate ligament in the consulting room. At Llanrumney Vets4Pets Cardiff, we are able to offer the most up to date orthopaedic procedures. Tom performed a TTA rapid on Lola. 

This procedure alters the biomechanics of the knee joint to stabilise it and relieve the pain Lola was suffering as quickly as possible. As you can see in the x-ray it involves cutting the shin bone and inserting a titanium cage and screws. In time these actually heal into the bone - a bionic dog! 

Lola made an excellent recovery and thanks to the dedication of her owner, she will be back running around the the beach soon! 

Well done Lola, a well deserved Star Pet x

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November Winner.png

**Meet November's Winner**

Holly is a thirteen year old miniature Schnauzer who we've had the pleasure of knowing since the first week we opened here at Llanrumney Vets4Pets! 

18 months ago she became diabetic, meaning her dedicated owner has to inject her every day, twice a day with insulin and carefully monitor her food intake and activity levels. Unfortunately many diabetic dogs can develop cataracts which renders them completely blind; luckily Holly's owner had taken out insurance so referral for surgery was possible to restore Holly's eyesight. 

It's been a bumpy road for Holly over the last two years but she's doing fantastically well, not least as a result of the tremendous efforts of her owner. Holly is a sweet natured little lady who never complains despite multiple blood tests - she really does deserve to be our Star Pet of the Month. 

Well Done Holly - your mum can claim your free Advocate flea and worm treatment as your prize!