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Meet the Straiton vet team

Pentland Vets4Pets Amy Dyce

Dr. Amy Dyce BSc BVM&S MRCVS

Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

Hi I’m Amy, I studied Zoology at Aberdeen before moving to Edinburgh to achieve a lifelong dream of becoming a vet, qualifying from the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in 2012. Since then I have worked in small animal practice in York, before returning to Edinburgh to undertake an internship at the Hospital for Small Animals. I started my journey with Vets4Pets in September 2014 and have been with the Vets4Pets Straiton team since it’s opening in May 2015 where I am a veterinary surgeon and joint venture partner. I have a rescued mongrel called Badger, a husband called Andrew and love knitting and sewing, cheese and wine!

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Veterinary Surgeon

I graduated from Sydney University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science with a Veterinary degree with a dissertation in veterinary immunogenetics. My first job was in a busy mixed animal practice in the South of England where I worked with horses, farm and small animals. Since then, I have decided to focus on companion animal practice which has brought me to the excellent team at Vets4Pets in Straiton and Bonnyrigg.I have a particular soft spot for lurchers and geriatric patients and a passion for the human-animal bond. Outside of work I will likely be looking for the best cafes, restaurants and bars in town - suggestions welcome!


Veterinary Surgeon

Hey I’m Tessa! I qualified as a vet 9 years ago and after suffering through a lot more exams became an Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine in 2016. I’ve been enjoying working part-time at Vets4Pets for the last year whilst undertaking a PhD at The Roslin Institute. I have 2 cats called Mr Bingley (a true gentleman of leisure) and Georgie (a one-eyed whirlwind) and outside work I thoroughly enjoy distance running and cycling (usually followed by lazing on the sofa with a glass of wine!)

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Head Veterinary Nurse

Hi, my name is Jillian and I am Head Veterinary Nurse here at Vets4Pets Straiton. It’s difficult to choose a favourite aspect of the job but one of them has to be seeing our patients grow. Nurse consults are the best place for this and I love helping to build the confidence of our patients and giving little hints and tips to owners for when pets decide to be more than a handful! Pictured is my own handsome kitty, Jeremy. We rescued Jeremy from the SSPCA at 10 years young and haven’t looked back. He is a diabetic cat so I can definitely relate to those with their own special furry friend at home but one thing is for sure, they are worth it! I look forward to meeting your pets, great or small, in the near future.

Kelly Straiton.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi I’m Kelly. I qualified as a Veterinary Care Assistant in 2015 from Edinburgh College and I am currently studying to be a Veterinary Nurse at Edinburgh Napier University. I own a 6 year old Siberian Husky called Meishka, who I dote on hand a foot! All it takes is a small head tilt and big sad puppy eyes and she gets whatever she wants, usually the odd digestive biscuit. My passion for taking care of animals started with Meishka, when I took care of her as a puppy and that passion has since built up to make sure that every animal I look after leaves happy and healthy! I was really excited to work for the Vets4Pets team, and they have only made my dream job of working as part of a Veterinary team into reality.

When I’m not gallivanting around the countryside with Meishka or looking after animals, I can usually be found curled up with a cup of tea and a good book, I am partial to Sci-fi and Fantasy novels with the odd biography thrown in! I also love to play video games when I get the chance and enjoy beating my friends at racing games. I am really looking forward to working alongside the Straiton Vets4Pets team and hoping to further my career in the Veterinary workplace.

Cailtin Straiton.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Caitlin, I’ve only just started working at Vets4Pets. I’m a third year vet student here in Edinburgh, and am originally from the United States. While I don’t have any pets at the moment, I try to squeeze in as many animal cuddles as possible while at work. In my free time I like to travel, cook, read and explore the city. I’m loving my time with the team in Straiton and look forward to more time with them.

WIOLA Straiton.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I’m Wiola and I’m a Student Veterinary Nurse. I have been working with Vets4Pets Straiton since July 2016, and I am really glad to share similar interests with my work colleagues, who always make me feel like a member of family. Travelling is my passion. Out of all my trips, I was the most impressed by seeing wild terrapins in their natural environment in the Dominican Republic. This was special to me, as I myself am lucky to own, a 12-year old terrapin called Piti. But that’s not all of my pet family. I have a talented cat called Zazu, who loves to bring me back sticks like a dog! I’m looking forward to meeting you and your pets!

Alice Straiton.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

Hi, I’m Alice, I have worked at Vets4Pets Straiton for over a year now as a Veterinary Care Assistant. I have always loved animals and looking after them – I especially love cats and have my own one called Sid who is now 7! My hobbies outside of work include walking and seeing my friends and family.

SHAUNI straiton.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

Hello, I’m Shauni, I have worked as a veterinary care assistant at Straiton for 6 months now in the hopes of becoming a student veterinary nurse! I have applied to college and I’m hoping to start my studies this year. I am originally from Newcastle, my partner and I ventured up to Scotland 2 years ago now. I have recently become and auntie and so my spare time is full up with visiting my gorgeous niece, going for nice long walks, and chilling with friends over pizza!

DARYL Straiton.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

Hello I’m Daryl. I’ve worked as a veterinary care assistant as well as a client services colleague at both the Bonnyrigg & Straiton practices since Fall 2017. I am studying as a veterinary student at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and have a passion for small animal surgery and oncology. I have three German Shepherds & a Tibetan Mastiff at home which I brought with me from my previous career as a dog trainer in the US. When I’m not working or studying I love hiking with the dogs, riding horses, and I’m a volunteer English teacher for non-native speakers.

Colette Straiton.png


Practice Manager

Hi, I’m Collette. I became part of the Vets4Pets client service team in September 2015. Prior to working at our practice, I spent 13 years with Pets At Home moving from a part-time colleague whilst still at high school to becoming part of the store management team. I hold a City And Guilds qualification in Pet Store Management, an OATA certificate and I am a qualified C-SQP. 

In December 2017, I became part of the Bonnyrigg team and I look forward to the next chapter in my Vets4Pets career. At home, I have 3 cats who are Felix, Ace, and Jess. A Syrian hamster called Digger and a bearded dragon called Oscar. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling with my family, a spot of gardening and catching up on my favourite TV shows! I am passionate about offering a compassionate experience and gold standard of care to the pets (and humans!) we have the opportunity to look after.

Janice Straiton.png


Part time Receptionist

Hello, my name is Janice. My dream of becoming a Veterinarian brought me to Edinburgh in 2014. Prior to that, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, back home in India. After that I went to New Zealand to complete my Postgraduate studies in Animal Science. My journey at Vets4Pets Straiton, started in my second year of vet school as a vet student on clinical placement. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team. Since then, there was no looking back. I continued with my placements at the clinic during holiday breaks. Later, I was given a great opportunity to be a part of this amazing team as a part time receptionist (Wohoo)!

During my spare time when I am not studying or working, I enjoy yoga, painting, a bit of photography, outdoor activities, dancing and reading. I always try to keep the balance between work and play. After I graduate from vet school I hope to adopt a four legged furry friend. That new chapter will be exciting (fingers crossed)! Being a part of the Straiton team, gives me a sense of pride. The positive professional environment and support makes working so enjoyable and rewarding. In short they are family!




Hi my names Katrina, I’ve worked at Vets4Pets Straiton for just over a year now. I have 2 ginger fluffy babies - Rosie a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel and Ludo a 5 year old cat. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and pets.