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   Introducing our new 

                   Annual Pet Health Assessment

Your pet's health is always evolving. Keep ahead of any changes with this comprehensive preventative screening for only £99 per year. Many of us have annual health checkups. Even if we don’t think there’s anything wrong it’s good to know we’re planning for the future by looking after ourselves the best we can today. 

Call us today on 0141 942 0283 or click here to book an appointment today for your pet's Annual Pet Health Assessment.


Your pet’s health is always evolving as they grow up. This “Annual Pet Health Assessment” can help our clinical team to highlight early signs or even prevent chronic conditions like kidney disease, diabetes or hyperthyroid in cats from developing. 
It ensures your pet receives tailored care as unique as they are to ensure together we keep their future happy and healthy.
We can carry out your pet’s “Annual Pet Health Assessment” at the same time as their annual vaccination or during a separate consultation.
• Clinically approved pre-assessment questionnaire 
• Head to toe examination 
• Comprehensive blood tests (including SDMA and T4) 
• Blood pressure 
• Urine analysis
• Sterile urine collection for cats if required
• Interpretation of results and if necessary, condition diagnosis

Terms and Conditions

1. By purchasing or attending a Consultation for the Annual Pet Health Assessment you accept these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”). 2. The Annual Pet Health Assessment is promoted by Pets at Home Vet Group Limited, Epsom Avenue, Stanley Green Trading Estate, Handforth, Cheshire, SK9 3RN (the “Promoter”, “we”). The Annual Pet Health Assessment is available in Vets4Pets Bearsden located at 1 Hillfoot Drive, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3QL only (the “Participating Practice”). 3. The Annual Pet Health Assessment is available for cats and dogs only. 4. The Annual Pet Health Assessment costs £99, which will be due in full immediately after the Consultation. This is a one-off payment for a single Consultation and there is no obligation to purchase the Annual Pet Health Assessment in subsequent years. 5. The Annual Pet Health Assessment may be used no more than once in any 12 month period in relation to the same pet. 6. The Annual Pet Health Assessment includes one consultation (the “Consultation”) with a vet or nurse for one registered pet during which the vet or nurse will: a. review the pre-assessment questionnaire that you will have been asked to complete; b. review the medical history of your pet; c. perform a physical examination of your pet; and d. perform the following tests: i. such blood tests as the vet or nurse considers clinically appropriate, which as a minimum (and subject to paragraph 7 of these T&Cs) will include screening for diabetes, liver, kidney and thyroid functions; ii. screening for cystocentesis if required (cats); iii. blood pressure; and iv. urine analysis. 7. The vet or nurse (as relevant) will determine in his/her absolute clinical discretion whether and the extent to which any physical examination, test or collection will be carried out at the Consultation, which may depend (amongst other factors) on the behaviour, temperament and cooperativeness of your pet. 8. All test results will be interpreted by a vet. Following analysis, the Participating Practice will contact you by telephone at no additional charge to discuss the results and/or action required. If the results show abnormalities or further action is required, the Participating Practice may recommend that you book a follow-up consultation. Any such additional consultation, further treatment, tests, examinations, procedures or medication are not included in the Annual Pet Health Assessment and will be charged separately. 9. The Annual Pet Health Assessment does not include any treatment, tests, medication, procedures or examinations that may be carried out, supplied or administered at the Consultation other than those described at paragraph 4 above. 10. The Annual Pet Health Assessment will be only be available to pets that are clinically suitable for assessment. The Participating Practice may exercise discretion if a pet is suitable for the assessment. If you are unsure if your pet is suitable for the assessment please contact the Participating Practice before travelling. 11. The Annual Pet Health Assessment is not suitable for the monitoring or treatment of any pre-existing long-term and/or chronic conditions in your pet. 12. The Promoter and the Participating Practice each reserve the right to refuse to accept a pet on the Annual Pet Health Assessment for any reason it/they consider necessary. 13. Any Consultation appointment arranged for your pet will be at the discretion of the Participating Practice. 14. Consultations for the Annual Pet Health Assessment are offered subject to availability. 15. Clients should reference the Annual Pet Health Assessment at the time of booking. 16. The Annual Pet Health Assessment is non-transferable between pets. 17. The Annual Pet Health Assessment is non-transferrable between other Vets4Pets or Companion Care Practices. 18. The Annual Pet Health Assessment is a non-refundable offer. 19. The Promoter reserves the right to alter these T&Cs from time to time or substitute any of them, as amended on the Promoter’s website, from time to time. 20. The Promoter and/or the Participating Practice reserves the right to stop offering the Annual Pet Health Assessment at any time for any reason that it considers necessary. 21. If you are unhappy with the treatment or any aspect of your pet’s veterinary care, you should contact your vet. 22. Personal information which you give us may be used in accordance with the terms you agreed to when registering with the Participating Practice and the privacy policy at either or 23. These T&Cs are subject to English law and we submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.