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What do I do if my pet has gone missing?

If you think your pet has gone missing, follow these steps...

  • Keep calm! Those pesky pets have a habit of hiding. Have a thorough look around the house, shed, garage and garden.
  • If they aren't anywhere to be seen, ask your neighbours as well. Have they ended up locked in a shed or garage by accident, or have they gone for a visit?
  • Call around to local animal rescue centres. The GSPCA is a good place to start.
  • Get in contact with Island FM and Vets4Pets Guernsey
  • Use our online form to log a lost pet

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Helpful contacts

  • Vets4Pets Guernsey

Call:  01481 239101

  • Island FM

Call:  01481 248888


Call:  01481 257261

Don't forget to microchip your pets!

The best way for lost pets to be identified and returned to their loving families is with a microchip. Find out more here.