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Outpatient CT scanning service

Book a CT Scan – For referring vets only

(If you are not a referring vet, please click here)

Our outpatient CT scanning service is designed to provide a cost effective imaging solution to both you and your clients.

The Toshiba Astelion Advance CT system is equipped with powerful technology ensuring that our vets achieve the best possible diagnostic results at minimum dose levels and in the shortest possible time.

We also employ a fully trained CT nurse to ensure that your patients receive the best possible care during their short time with us.

CT Scanner

How the service works

  • We offer 16-slice CT as an extension of your veterinary service
  • Your patient remains yours throughout the outpatient imaging process 
  • We invoice you, not the owner so that you can bill the case from your practice 
  • We provide you an estimate which will include all costs - sedation or GA, CT imaging & radiology reporting from VetCT Specialists. If required, we can arrange a specialist to assess the results and discuss options. A price list is available on request. 
  • Your client may bring the patient to the surgery themselves. Alternatively, you may use your own patient care team to transport the patient
  • A DVD may be supplied of the scan with DICOM viewer on request 
  • Results will be sent to you within 24-48 hours 
  • You can use the form below or call us to book in the scan

If you are unsure as to whether your patient requires a CT or you would like some advice, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

For a full list of indications for CT scanning, please download the attachment below:
Indications for CT scanning (PDF 47KB)

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Booking Form
Fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch
Client details
Clinical history
*Blood work and relevant clinical history are required within the last month for all patients undergoing sedation or GA, please also send results with this booking form.
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Terms and conditions

This is a referral service only. Patients will remain under the care of the referring veterinary surgeon.

  1. Request for an appointment to made online or using the standard booking form
  2. Relevant history must be submitted
  3. Referring veterinary surgeon must inform client of the exact nature of procedure offered by the outpatient referral service
  4. Outpatient referral service will be carried out as per exact instructions on request form and Vets4Pets will accept no responsibility for investigation and reporting on concurrent disease, conditions or treatment, unless specifically requested by referring veterinary surgeon
  5. Should our examination reveal an unexpected finding, we will contact you immediately to discuss the best course of action
  6. We will not perform invasive techniques as outpatient procedures
  7. In cases where the patient requires general anaesthetic or sedation, we require you to have performed relevant blood tests within the month before the procedure and inform our clinicians about the patients general health, specifically relating to anaesthetic risks
  8. Communication (including reports) will be between Vets4Pets and referring veterinary surgeon only
  9. Vets4Pets will not accept any referred client as a new client to any of our first opinion veterinary surgeries for six months post outpatient visit