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Fernando MRCVS

Practice Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

I came to Harrogate in 2003 to work as a Veterinary Surgeon. In 2013 I began my journey with Vets4Pets at Bury near Manchester and it was here I decided that I would like to become a Practice Owner. Since then I have spent my time working at Vets4Pets Harrogate Hookstone, Vets4pets Preston Capitol, Vets4Pets Lytham and Vets4Pets Preston.

When I was offered the opportunity to be a JVP at Pets at Home at the brand new, purpose-built Vets4Pets Harrogate New Park surgery, I seized the opportunity with all my energy and enthusiasm. I really enjoy working with all the team at Vets4Pets New Park and Pets at Home Harrogate and love seeing new and old clients and their pets.


Karen harrogate NP V4P.png


Practice Manager

I began working for V4P in January 2014 where I worked for Leigh-Anne at the Hookstone Park Surgery. I transferred to Harrogate New Park when it opened as it was closer to home and the opening of a new surgery was an exciting new challenge. 

I became Practice Manager in May 2017. I had previously worked for Dogs Trust at the Leeds rehoming centre, and at the Adoption Advice office inside Pets At home Birstall, Leeds. I have a passion for dogs and love working with them. 

Before Dogs trust I worked in retail for many years and ran a business designing and making wedding dresses. I love working here, we have a fab team and we love meeting all the new clients and their pets. At home I have a 2 year old Chihuahua called Laika.

Maui Pic.jpg.png


Veterinary Surgeon

I was born in Africa, and perhaps because of that, I feel a great connection with people and animals. My parents, being veterinary surgeons, means I grew up surrounded by all sorts of pets. Caring for them was my first step toward becoming a vet.


Many years later I completed my degree in veterinary medicine in Lisbon. Soon after I went in to academia where I became a research fellow and then a Professor in a veterinary college. Research and education became, for a while, my passions. I lectured at several universities where I taught veterinary and medical students.


My research into subjects like Rabies and Malaria in Africa and South East Asia led me to do extensive travels where I managed to convert theoretic knowledge in practical benefits to local communities. Now I have joined the Vets4Pets team, where I am looking forward meeting all our clients and looking after their pets.

Clarissa Harrogate NP.png


Veterinary Surgeon

I completed my Veterinary education in Poland. After working as a Vet in an Equine Specialist Centre I went back to university to work as a Research Fellow and Lecturer of Pathology. I completed my research in Clinical Oncology with distinction and soon after moved to England.


I began my journey with Vets4Pets in Bramley, Leeds and recently joined Vets4Pets Harrogate New Park where I am looking forward to meeting all our clients and helping them care for their pets.


At home I have a 2 year old Dachshund called Elsa and have had a range of pets throughout my life.

Dimitra profile photo harrogate.png


Veterinary Surgeon

I completed my veterinary education in Greece and graduated in 2013. Recently, I decided to move to England as it was always a dream to work here and continue gaining experience and knowledge.

Now I have joined an internship programme at Vets4pets Harrogate New Park in order to continue learning and developing my skills next to a very supportive team. I have always been close to animals and I currently have four cats and two dogs.

catherine harrogate.png


Senior Registered Veterinary Nurse

I have been working in the Yorkshire Dales as a Veterinary Nurse for 23 years and still love the challenge of working in practice. My passion lies in the surgical side of the job; assisting the Vet with operations and helping the pets recover from their surgery.

I live in Harrogate with my partner. In my spare time I love walking in the countryside and enjoy reading crime fiction.

matt harrogate circle.jpg.png


Registered Veterinary Nurse

I joined Vets4Pets in July 2016 as a Student Veterinary Nurse to enable me to complete my degree at Askham Bryan College. I then went on to qualify in September 2018.


Previously, I have worked with animals as a volunteer in both veterinary practices and farms for a couple of years before starting at Vets4Pets. I currently have a cat called Skip but have had a range of animals throughout my life.

Amelia Harrogate NP.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

I originally joined Vets4Pets Harrogate New Park in 2015 as a Receptionist/Veterinary Care Assistant but after an 8 month break from the practice I came back in August 2017 to study Veterinary Nursing alongside working with the Harrogate New Park Team. I can’t wait to complete my studies and become a Registered Veterinary Nurse!

My passion for caring for animals started at a very young age. My family currently own 2 horses, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs, 11 sheep and 20 chickens! I have also been lucky enough to have owned a wide range of animals throughout my life.

Kim profile pic.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

I joined Vets4Pets New Park in April 2018 as a Veterinary Care Assistant.

I have had various experiences within the veterinary industry including Veterinary Care Assistant, Receptionist and a Consult Assistant.

I am looking forward to my new position and meeting all your animals. I have a Terrier and a Springer of my own. In the photo of me is the very gorgeous Newton who is one our patients that has stolen my heart!

julia harrogateNP v4p.png


Head Receptionist

I was made redundant in Sept 14 after working in the optical industry for over 20 years and was wondering what to do next. I have always had a soft spot for animals and over the years we have had a various assortment, four legs, two legs and gills. I joined the Vets4Pets team in June 2015 and have been here ever since.


I think we have a great team and I love working with my colleagues, plus it’s a huge bonus when we get to cuddle the puppies and kittens and see how much they have grown in-between their visits. I also like to say hello to our regular customers and their animals that come to see us.


At home I have one dog called Ruby and two cats called Turbo and Purdy. I adopted Purdy from the surgery here after she was brought in as a stray kitten in September 2015. Needless to say I’m now banned from adopting any more animals.

Harrogate New Park V4P Mary.jpg



I graduated from Lancaster University with a history and education studies degree, but soon realised when I started working at a local boarding kennels and cattery, that my real passion was for working with animals. I worked there for almost ten years, then my ambition became working in veterinary practice.

I have now worked for Vets4Pets for 12 years. I love all aspects of my job, including working with a lovely team of colleagues, seeing clients and their amazing pets. I am married and have a lovely cat called Baxter.

Blank Circle.png



I joined Vets4Pets as a Receptionist in mid 2017. Unlike many of my lovely colleagues, I don’t have a background of working with animals, although I’ve owned quite a few over the years. This has meant I’ve had to make visits to various vets, so I can now see both sides of the whole experience. This practice and the people who work here are at the top of the list.

I enjoy meeting our patients (quite often their owners are really nice too!) and cuddles with the puppies and kittens are an added bonus.