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Vets4Pets Hull Stoneferry

Meet the team

Hull Stoneferry V4P Devinder Singh

Devinder Singh

Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

More info coming soon!

Hull Stoneferry V4P Denise


Registered Veterinary Nurse

I'm a former human nurse and was in the Queen Alexandra Royal Navy Service for 5 years. After I left the Navy I decided to pursue my passion for animals instead. After a spell as a volunteer at an RSPCA rescue centre, I started work as a veterinary nursing assistant in a vet hospital in Hampshire. I then moved to Yorkshire and for the past eleven years I have worked in a vet clinic in Howden. I fulfilled my ambition last year when I became a fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse.

I have the reputation as a bit of a ‘Dirty Harry’ as I willingly do the jobs that are too disgusting for anyone else to face (or too dangerous. I have the scars to prove it!).

I have tended to take my work home with me and have collected a lot of animals over the years. At present I have two dogs, Lola who is a Tibetan Terrier and has been blind from birth, and Peppa who is a Hairy Maclairy lookalike although she was virtually bald when I adopted her with a neglected skin condition. I have eight cats , two of whom I hand reared from the day they were born so are very babied. I also have eight ferrets who regularly wreck my front room when they come to play in the evening.

In my spare time, I am a member of the Goole based Reads Warblers Pop and Show Choirs. I usually practise in the car on the way to and from work, so I do get some very strange looks from other drivers as I pass by howling at the top of my lungs. 

I think what I am most looking forward to in our new practice (apart from all the shiny new stuff), is getting to know all our new clients and their humans too of course!

Hull Stoneferry V4P Kimberleigh Green

Kimberleigh Green

Veterinary Care Assistant

I'm Kimberleigh, I am the Veterinary Care Assistant at Vets4Pets Hull Stoneferry. I have been a VCA for 3 years with another Veterinary Practice so I have plenty of hands on experience. In the future I hope to study, train and qualify as an Registered Veterinary Nurse, with a special focus on cats and cat behaviour. 

As you can probably tell I have a real soft spot for felines, particularly Persians. Many times I've been labelled a crazy cat lady, a title I am honestly proud of. 

I have four kitties, Gracie who is actually a boy... it happens. Lady Gertrude who is my rescue, a persian and the sassiest, cheekiest cat I know. My latest addition is Merlin he is now best friends with Macnally who is the youngest and was hand-reared from just hours old. It was extremely tiring but sometimes taking work home with you really does have its perks! 

Hull Stoneferry V4P Nicole Darling

Nicole Darling


My name is Nicole, I am one of the Vets4Pets Hull Stoneferry Receptionists. I will be your first point of contact when booking your furry friend in for an appointment with a member of our team. 

I love all animals, in fact I have a beautiful boxer dog called Lottie and when I'm not at work you will usually find me down at the stables riding my noble steed Trapper!

Hull Stoneferry V4P Emma Bradford

Emma Bradford


My name is Emma and I am one of the Receptionists at the Vets4Pets Hull Stoneferry. I have an honours degree in applied animal science and a diploma in animal management, but my passion is animal behaviour and animal conservation. I have also been a colleague inside the Pets at Home store in which the surgery is located, so if you're wondering why I look familiar you've probably seen me around in store! 

I have pets of my own including a rescue Lurcher called Samson, Rats, Budgies and Snakes, I am looking forward to meeting all of your furr-babies when the surgery opens.