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What is a Cat Friendly Certificate?

Vets4Pets Nottingham Chilwell are proud holders of the Gold standard Cat Friendly Practice Certificate

Exceptional care for your cat

There are 3 levels of cat friendly clinic certification; Bronze, Silver & Gold.

What being a Cat Friendly Practice means


For a clinic to achieve cat friendly clinic accreditation, they must meet all of the criteria at the relevant level. Some of the major requirements are to do with the clinic premises and equipment. Of equal importance is the ethics of the clinic and the attitude and approach of the staff.

Here at Vets4pets Chilwell we have a modern purpose built facility for practising veterinary surgery. We have high quality equipment and facilities to be able to treat your pet. We have a separate waiting area, consultation rooms and also a separate cat ward if your pet is staying with us. This helps minimize their stress levels. We use pet remedy calming spray and diffusers throughout our clinic. If your cat is particularly scared, we provide hiding places and boxes while your cat stays with us. If your cat is full of excitement and not shy we can also provide toys and stimulants for them while they are here. We aim to minimise stress during handling and procedures.

All of our staff are trained in cat handling, behaviour and care. We are also trained to recognise fear and anxiety and will always try to reduce this as much as possible.

Natalie, one of the practice owners is our cat advocate. Natalie’s job is to make sure that the ISFM Gold standards are being met and that all staff are trained to the highest standard of cat care. Her job is to also keep up to date with all the latest information and research on feline behaviour and care, which includes attending the ISFM congress annually, so we can look to continuously improve the care we provide for our feline patients.

Natalie has completed many courses with ISFM including cat friendly handling, and harmony in multi cat homes, she also attends the cat care conferences.

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