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Vets4Pets Preston

Meet the Preston vet team

Andrew Harrison 

Veterinary Surgeon & Partner

Vets4Pets Preston James Rogerson practice manager partner

James Rogerson

Practice Manager & Partner

I joined Preston Vets4Pets Ltd during our opening month of March 2009 whilst I was still teaching full-time (Performing Arts in case you couldn't already tell)! Having being invited by Andrew to take on the role as Practice Manager, I joined the team without hesitation hungry to take on a new challenge and to be closer to the shops! My background is highly varied and I've probably had every job you could think of during my "resting actor" days; based on those experiences I witnessed some diabolical examples of customer service and I always swore to deliver nothing but exceptional customer care.

Our priority here at Preston Vets4Pets is to make every visit as stress-free and as pleasant as the last and if you ever feel we fall below this standard then please contact me on my personal email at

When I'm blessed with a day off, I can often be found stroking, feeding, cleaning and stroking my 10 cats a bit more, playing bingo with the Mother or taking myself off to the latest musical (if not starring in it).

I look forward to my next chat with you at reception over a brew - and if you fancy bringing me something a little special, I've taken an extra fancy to Spicy Teriyaki Deli Chips from the Booths store in Penwortham!

Chow for now.


Manuela Williams

Head Nurse

Hi all! I'm Manuela, you'll probably know me as Manii though. I've joined Preston's Vets4Pets team in December 2017 as a Head Nurse. I was one of the youngest students in the country to start my nursing course at the age of 16, and qualified a couple of years later, you could say that we were the guinea pigs for the future students to come!

I particularly enjoy helping my colleagues develop further in their careers, therefore I additionally became a clinical coach. I enjoy all aspects of the nursing role and although it can be challenging at times, it's also a very rewarding job.

I love vising new places with my partner and sunbathing on the beach. We've also been to many festivals, dancing the night away. We simply can't stay in one place for too long without looking for our next adventure. We have a cheeky bunny called Ralph.


Jo Holmes

Finance & Client Services Manager

Hello, I am the Finance & Client Services Manager. I have worked at Vets4Pets since Sept 2018 following 15 years in Management with Pets at Home. I worked as a Veterinary Nurse 20 years ago and have been keen to move back into the Veterinary field, so I was delighted when the opportunity arose, and I look forward to meeting you and your gorgeous pets.

I have 3 rescue pets of my own, Finn the Black Lab, Ruffles the Guinea Pig and Sherbert the Degu. I also have teenage twin daughters, so my 'spare' time can be hectic but exciting.


Rachael Cummins

Client Accounts Manager

Hello, I work on reception both at Preston & Preston Capitol Vets4Pets as a Client Accounts Manager. I have worked for Vet4Pets for a couple of years now and really enjoy working across two clinics, it allows me to meet so many different clients and their pets. It amazes me how every day is always so different and varied. I also love the wide variety of pets we see and this can range from dogs to snakes.

I have two dogs named, Max and Daisy and also a cat called Rio. In my spare time I love to take my dogs out to the beach and they also love to come camping with me and my family in the summer, however in winter I couldn't think of any thing better than curling up with a good book and a nice glass of wine enjoying a snuggle from my pets.


Josh Woolard

Veterinary Surgeon

Hi, I started at Vet4Pets Preston in May 2017. I graduated from Bristol in 2012 and since then have worked at a couple of practices in Derbyshire before moving over to Preston with my partner. I started my career as a Mixed vet but since then have decided to specialise more in small animals – I feel much safer off the farm! My interests are internal medicine and gastro-enterology.

When I’m not at the clinic I’ll usually be walking with Rufus & Busby our dogs/partners in crime or climbing. I look forward to meeting you and your pets at the Preston clinic!


Emily McVeigh

Veterinary Surgeon

Hello I am Emily, I am one of the vets at the Preston and Blackpool clinics. I was fortunate to attend the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at The University of Nottingham which at the time was the newest vet school in England. I graduated in 2016 with three bachelor’s degrees in Veterinary Medical Science, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgery and became a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. From here, I embarked on a career in small animal medicine and surgery within a very busy 24 hour hospital. I then joined the Vets4Pets team in October 2018.

In my spare time I volunteer at a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre and often organise fund raisers to cover the costs of medicines and equipment. I enjoy taking part in organised runs with my husband and our friends and spending time with our family and walking our dogs. When I can find the time I enjoy horse riding, especially hacking with friends from university. I enjoy baking but especially love to cook and try new recipes on the family. At home we love to host gin nights, BBQs and have regular soirées with our close circle of friends.


Karina Strykowska

Veterinary Surgeon

Hello, I’m one of the vets in Preston Vets4Pets. I graduated in 2018 in Warsaw, Poland and this is where I’m from. During my studies I worked voluntarily in few practises where I was mainly assisting in surgeries. In 2017 I went to India to volunteer in spay and neuter clinic for stray dogs and cats. This is how my interest in surgery began. Later I decided to start my career in England as it is the best place to develop my strengths in many different fields of veterinary medicine including surgery. I became a part of Lytham Vets4Pets team in September of 2018.

I am an owner of a charming tabby cat, Melania. Her favourite activity is smelling flowers in my parents’ garden and chasing insects in the sunrise and not to mention napping. I love spending time with her, my partner, family and friends. I am passionate about travelling and I enjoy especially long hiking trips in the mountains.


Chloe Walmsley

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I'm Chloe and I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse here at Vets4Pets Preston .I wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse since the start of high school as I grew up with a wide range of pets, from small furries , chickens to a horse. I started here at Vets4Pets in 2014 as a work experience student and then continued as a Student Veterinary nurse in 2015. I qualified in July 2018 with a keen interest in canine and feline nutrition. I love my job and enjoy all areas of my role!

When I am not working I love to do some arts and craft, reading and off course watching the latest movie in the cinema, especially if its a marvel film. Although I don’t have any pets of my own I love coming into the practice and caring for all your little ones! I hope to hear from you soon, Chloe.


Olivia Bond

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hello, I recently joined the team in October 2018 as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. I have a range of experience from from working in a pet shop as a nutrition consultant to working in zoos. I have keen interest in nutrition and exotic species, and after joining the team I hope to expand my knowledge and skills to help give all animals the best quality care and advice to all pet owners.

In my spare time I love walking on the beach or in the countryside with my mad cockapoo, Milo, or taking time to socialise and travel with my friends and family.


Tracey Standley

Veterinary Care Assistant

Hello! I am the Veterinary Care Assistant here at Preston Vets4Pets. I have been here since September 2013. I enjoy coming in to work to take good care of the in patients, keeping the practice clean and helping clients with all of their queries.

I have a lovely Labrador named Faith. I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the theatre, long walks in the lake district and indulging into a glass of bubbly on a weekend with friends, putting the pro in Prosecco :) I look forward to seeing you all very soon!! X


Claire Simons

Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi I'm Claire and I'm a mature Student Veterinary Nurse and qualified C-SQP (Animal Medicines Advisor for Companion Animals) working at Preston Vets4Pets.

I am an avid animal lover and strongly believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and receive the best possible care to suit their needs and requirement and above all, protection from infectious diseases and parasites. It is because of these beliefs and my love of all animals that I decided to make a difference and embark on a career that would not only fulfil me but best of all, a career that would make a difference to all pets that I encounter.

I have always had pets - from small furries to arachnids to dogs and cats and I don't think there is an animal in this world that would not interest me, except maybe jellyfish and wasps! One of the animals that I find amazing are crocodiles! I think it's amazing that there is such a creature that hasn't had to change much since the Jurassic ages as it is perfect just the way that it is!!

I have worked with many charities over the years, including weekend work in a cattery and most recently I volunteer to take the donations from clients and customers to animal rescue centres.

In my spare time I'm a bit of a geek and love building and painting Warhammer 40k models! I also enjoy gaming and refurbishing old furniture. I love gardening - particularly creating spaces with flowers and plants that attract all kinds of wildlife - especially bees and butterflies!! I also like to enjoy the great outdoors - hiking amongst beautiful scenery is my all time favourite way to spend a beautiful day and I also like to bike off-road in the same kind of environment. I am obsessed with Lush baths and Yankee candles! and I love singing too!


Kim Williams

Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I am a student veterinary nurse here at Preston. I started as a receptionist back in May 2018 and started my nursing in September 2018. This has allowed me to interact with clients and pets both on reception and in consultations. My favourite part of the job is meeting all the different people and animals that come into the practice and getting to work with such a fantastic team!

I can't wait to be qualified and get to be in a career that I’ve been dreaming of for over 5 years.

I've always had animals growing up from chinchillas to ferrets, from rats to mice and all sorts of different birds and rescue dogs and cats.

I have my own Beagle called Hector who is 2. He is my little baby and mischievous but super shy when he first meets you. I live with my partner and his little girl and in my spare time when I'm not revising I love having family days out. I love to go camping and hiking in the summer time. When it’s quiet at home I love to read horror and crime novels and game on my PS4 or play Sims on my computer. I also love science, outer space and dinosaurs. I have many books I love to read on astronomy. Hope to see you soon for a chat!



Practice Pet

I have lived here at Preston Vets4Pets for many years now. I love spending time with my human friends, especially at lunchtime! I love being fussed over and especially enjoy a good ol’ brushing! Meow!