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Vets4Pets Shrewsbury

Meet the Shrewsbury vet team


Jonathan Benson

Practice Owner and Veterinary Surgeon

My name is Jonathan and I am one of owners of Shrewsbury Vets4Pets. I have been working here since 2007.

I love working at Vets4Pets and getting to know all our patients as well as working with such a friendly, caring team of colleagues. I enjoy the variety of being a vet but I have a special interest in orthopaedics and cardiology.

Outside of work I am kept busy running our small holding with my wife and children. We currently have 5 cats and 2 dogs as well as sheep, cows, pigs and chickens.
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Katherine Sonley RVN

Practice Owner and Veterinary Nurse

My name is Katherine and I am also one of the owners of the practice. 

All the staff here at Shrewsbury are wonderful and friendly, kind, caring and fun. It feels like a happy place to come to work and our practice is very light and spacious so has a good feeling about it.

My favorite animals are Cats and dogs and at home, I have 2 dogs called Boston and Eva, both Boston Terriers and Donnie the Cat.

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Liz Dawson MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I love working for Vets4Pets Shrewsbury because of the great team we have here.

As a veterinary surgeon, I am obviously a big fan of animals! At home, I have lots of pets including:
- A wire haired vizla called Stowford
- Four British blue cats called Angel, Bubbles, Icy and Rupert.
- Two horses called Willow and Misty
As well as numerous Greyface Dartmoor sheep who are all named! I also keep Geese, chickens, ducks & guinea fowl.


Catriona Benson BVM&S MRCVS

Veterinary surgeon


My favorite animal is hard to choose but probably cats. I seem to be building up a collection of different colors... So far I have a tabby, a big black cat, a small black cat, a ginger boy, and a very pretty ginger and white girl. You can never have too many cats, and I don't have a black & white one yet...

As well as my cats, I also have 2 collies - Timmy and Kiera. Plus we keep sheep, cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys on our small holding.

I love working for vets4Pets because it means I get to know some of the pets, and their owners, who we see regularly. It's always nice to see the dogs who have been coming here since puppies, pulling their owners across the car park as they're so keen to come and visit us! (perhaps the jar of biscuits at reception has something to do with that!)


Anna Wilmot

Veterinary surgeon

My favorite animal is really hard to choose, but I think my absolute favorite has to be dogs. When I was 13 I had a real bond with my friend's Jack Russel, Ivy, and it was a combination of her and my love of all the animals at the riding stables where I spent my weekends and holidays, that made me want to be a vet. I also love cows, sheep, horses, and cats!

At home, I have a cat, GT (short for Ginger Tom), who came into work as an injured stray 6 years ago. I had to amputate his leg but he seems to have forgiven me for that and has been known to catch a rodent or two! He has a purr you can hear in the next room.

I also have a four-year-old whippet, Rupert, who was bred by a nurse I used to work with. He's a joy, and the perfect dog for me! 

The best thing about working for Vets4Pets is the three C's. Lovely Colleagues, Clients, and high standard of Care!

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Joanna Cope

Veterinary Surgeon

My main interests revolve around family and home. I am a keen gardener and enjoy cooking with homegrown produce. I am still renovating our house after 20 years- but can see the end (or the beginning again!). I also enjoy swimming and cycling

At home, I have 4 hens that provide hours of entertainment and eggs too!



Helen Stoneman

Veterinary Surgeon

Like most of the team, outside of work I enjoy exploring the countryside with my two terriers, Peggy and Alfie. I spend the rest of my time with my horses - Penry and Aldo. I have also recently taken on a stray kitten, affectionately known as Bugwump! My favourite part of being a vet is operating, although my satisfaction definitely comes from the gratitude and smiley faces when we are able to fix your pet! To me, working for Vets4Pets means being part of a team who support each other and the clients, whilst always doing the best for our patients.

Vets4Pets Shrewsbury Nicola Randles nurse

Nicola Randles

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Vets4Pets here has a fantastic team and I enjoy working with them. My favorite animals are
Cats because they are mischievous, intelligent and loving. I have two cats called Misty and Garfield!

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Kristina Jones RVN - Head Nurse 

Registered Veterinary Nurse

When I'm not at work I enjoy Countryside walks, horse riding and meeting my Veterinary Nursing friends for dog walks.

At home I have a rescue Labrador called Archie and a cat called Saffie. Archie loves having a fuss and meeting up regularly with his pals on walks, whereas Saffie prefers to do her own thing (typical cat).

I enjoy working at Vets4Pets because of the lovely, friendly team and a great work life balance. The team are always happy to help each other and

My favorite part of my job is anesthesia and theater practice. Having worked in a referral practice for nearly four years; I have experienced many interesting anesthetics such as spinal surgery, MRI scans, laparoscopic spays etc. I really enjoy anesthesia and looking after your pets whilst there are here with us, and making sure they have the best possible recovery.

In October 2018 I completed a certificate in Emergency and Critical Care and I am look forward to using my new skills and knowledge in every day practice.


steff pic.JPG

Steff Griffiths

Student Veterinary Nurse

In my spare time, I love to read, especially crime novels as I love a good twist in a story!

I have also started to teach myself to cook which I have found I really enjoy. I have 4 Poodles, one standard poodle Ted, and 3 Miniature poodles Vinnie, Aero and Cookie! They all have their own unique personalities, but one thing they all have in common is that they all love to go swimming!

Before I started working for vet4pets I was a client for many years and I was always so impressed by how caring and friendly the team was! Now as an employee of Vets4Pets I love the fact that the team are so close and friendly, also the team always all work together to achieve the best outcome for their patients

Charlotte shrewsbury profile photo.png

Charlotte Richards

Student Veterinary Nurse

My favourite animals are cats. I love how they are independent, mischievous but very loving.

I have three cats: Willow who is a typical naughty torti, Salem who is a laid back ball of fluff and Oliver who is a very mischievous kitten I adopted from my old practice. I also have a very opinionated standard-bred horse called Grace.

In my spare time I love relaxing and spending time with my horse and getting her out into the fields for a spin.

The best thing about working for vets4pets is the amazing team. Everyone is incredibly supportive and caring and everyone has a genuine love for the animals we take care of. I am very excited to start my RVN training in Sep with such an amazing team.


Lauren Shrewsbury.png

Lauren Sear

Student Veterinary Nurse

My favourite animal would have to be a cat because I love how adventurous and mischievous they are . I have two rescue cats called Humphrey and Bogart who love exploring during the day and in the evening love to curl up in front of the TV . Outside of practice I enjoy spending time with family, going for walks and volunteering at the Shropshire Cat Rescue. I have been volunteer there for over 3 years . I started my training in September 2018 at Reaseheath college and i am enjoying every part of it . My favourite topic at the moment at college is Infection control .


Sabina Richards


My favorite animal is a dog! I have two at home and they always know how to make me smile. However, I do love horses too. I used to ride every weekend when I was younger.

At home, I have a Labrador called Charlie and a Springer Spaniel called Alfie.

I enjoy working for Vets4Pets because of the friendly team and meeting lovely pets and their owners.

Vets4Pets Shrewsbury Alison O'Brien

Alison O'Brien


Dogs are definately my favourite animal, for their unconditional love. They are always happy to see you.

At home, I have two dogs - Biscuit, a Labrador/Retriever and Pebble, a Cavachon. Also a selection of tropical and coldwater fish.

The best part of working for Vest4Pets is support of, and working with a great team. Being able to meet so many gorgeous pets and their caring owners.