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Vets4Pets Rayleigh

Meet the Rayleigh vet team

Kirsty Bridger rayleigh.jpg

Kirsty Bridger

Joint Venture Partner and Head Veterinary Surgeon

I have been the Head Veterinary Surgeon and Practice Partner at Vets4Pets Rayleigh for 4 years. In that time the practice has grown and changed significantly, in 2015 we became the first 24/7 practice (open all hours with no extra costs) in the UK, I believe passionately about improving animal welfare and making veterinary care accessible and affordable.

In early 2017 my husband and I welcomed our son into our family, being a mum and practice partner keeps me very busy but any spare time I have is usually spent walking our dog Elvis. I love my job and work with an incredible team.


Victoria Ambrose  rayleigh.jpg

Victoria Ambrose

Practice Manager

I’m Vicky, I am the Practice Manager at Rayleigh Vets4Pets and I have worked here for nearly 3 years. I love working in such a supportive and caring team and feel lucky to have the opportunity to meet a variety of different patients and clients on a daily basis.

When not at work I spend my time with my 3 daughters and our collection of pets which currently consists of 3 fish, 2 dogs, a hedgehog and 2 ponies.


Chloe Wheatley rayleigh.jpg

Chloe Wheatley

Head Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hi I'm Chloe, the Head Veterinary Nurse here at Rayleigh Vets4Pets. I have been working at Rayleigh since August 2016 and graduated from Nottingham Trent University in July 2017 with a degree in Veterinary Nursing.

I love working with all the team members at Rayleigh as we are more like family than colleagues! I'm extremely grateful to be able to care for your animals as if they are my own and meet lots of new people on a daily basis.

Outside of work I enjoy dancing and aerial fitness. At home I have a chocolate Labrador called Olive, two black cats, Tarzan and Rocky and two turtles, Hugo and Pedro.


Vicky Baines rayleigh.jpg

Vicky Baines

Head Customer Care Assistant

I joined Vets4Pets Rayleigh in April 2017, after spending time bringing up my two children. I have previously worked as a vets receptionist and am really enjoying working with a great team in a role I love.

I have lived in Rayleigh all my life, and as a family we are animal lovers with two cats, two rabbits and two guinea pigs. In my spare time I enjoy shopping and socialising with friends and family.


Lauren Hodgson-King rayleigh.jpg

Lauren Hodgson-King

Veterinary Surgeon

Hello, I’m Lauren (and the feline is my gorgeous girl, Lily). I qualified from Bristol University in 2011 and moved to Essex 5 years ago. Since graduating I have completed some extra qualifications - I am an ‘official veterinarian’ which means I can do pet passports for pets wishing to travel, I have also recently finished a certificate in small animal surgery which included more complex procedures than those usually done in first opinion practice.

I started working for Rayleigh Vets4Pets this January and am enjoying it very much, both the team and the clients have all been very welcoming so thank you!

In my spare time I enjoy painting, astronomy (when there’s a clear night) and I am currently trying to improve my photography skills.


Gemma Beecham rayleigh.jpg

Gemma Beecham

Veterinary Surgeon

I'm Gemma, one of the Veterinary Surgeons here at Rayleigh. I qualified from Bristol University in July 2016 and worked in mixed veterinary practice for 6 months before moving to Rayleigh Vets4Pets.

I love meeting owners and their animals in consultations and particularly enjoy treating patients with medical illnesses.

Outside of work I spend time with my horse, Fallon, and play the violin in an orchestra.


Julien Guillon rayleigh.jpg

Julien Guillon

Night Veterinary Surgeon

I'm Julien, originally hailing from France, I've lived and worked in the UK for over 8 years, working in the banking industry. I had a change of heart and moved to Poland to retrain as a Vet, and have worked in the UK since graduating. I love the variety of cases I get to see as an emergency Vet.

In my free time, I enjoy travelling abroad, and I am an avid skier/snowboarder and also a private pilot and aviation fanatic.


Jo Blaney  rayleigh.jpg

Jo Blaney

Night Veterinary Surgeon

I have been a member of the night team at Vet4Pets Rayleigh since October 2015. Prior to this I worked in a small animal practice in Harlow for over four years after graduating from the Royal Veterinary College. My interests are in emergency medicine and surgery and rabbits.

At home I have two young children and two cats Summer and Bernie. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the cinema, theatre and going on nature walks.


Ines Coloma  rayleigh.jpg

Inés Coloma

Night Veterinary Surgeon

Hi! My name is Inés, I'm one of the night Vets at Rayleigh Vets4Pets. I am originally from Madrid, Spain. I moved to England two years ago and here I fell in love with my beautiful cat, Simone.


Liviu-Cristian Istodor  rayleigh.jpg

Liviu-Cristian Istodor

Intern Veterinary Surgeon

Hi, I’m Cris and I’ve been at Rayleigh for about 6 months so far as an Intern Veterinary Surgeon. I have previously studied Veterinary Science at a university in Romania and have also worked in Denmark dealing with farmyard animals.

The thing that I enjoy most about working at Rayleigh is the variety of surgical cases that we see and also working alongside a great team.

In my spare time I enjoy wall climbing and watching movies.


Louise Massey rayleigh.jpg

Louise Massey

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I've been working as a Veterinary Nurse for 11 years now, I always knew I had to work with animals & this seemed an ideal route in.

I have 6 dogs, 2 Whippets, 1 Cocker spaniel, 2 Labradors & a tiny Jack Russell X. My Labs & Spaniel are used as working dogs & I haves raced & shown my Whippets to much success. I have a keen interest in dog training. I have one daughter who also is a dog lover & is often found teaching our dogs new tricks!

Other than spending time with my dogs, I am a bit of a fitness lover & and compete in semi-professional boxing.


Kelly Hanson rayleigh.jpg

Kelly Hanson

Registered Veterinary Night Nurse

I have been nursing for the past 15 years, and joined Vets4Pets in October 2016 as a night nurse. I am proud to be part of an amazing team, and to be able to offer you and your pets great care 24/7.

In my spare time I love to craft and spend time with family & friends, including my rescue cat Sebastian.


Stacey Valente  rayleigh.jpg

Stacey Valente

Registered Veterinary Night Nurse

Hi I'm Stacey. I am one of the qualified veterinary night nurses here at Vets4Pets Rayleigh, helping to provide 24 hour care to your pets. I have been nursing for 15 years and qualified for 11 years.

I live in Rayleigh with my husband, 2 children & our dog Bella.


Charlotte Horrod rayleigh.jpg

Charlotte Horrod

Registered Veterinary Night Nurse

My name is Charlotte and I am a night nurse here at Rayleigh Vets4pets. I have been working here for 4 and half years and really enjoy the work I do.

I have two border terrier crosses, called Joseph and Freddy, who are both 3 years old. The highlight of my time off is walking my two boys, who love their walks just as much as I do.


Rebecca Williams  rayleigh.jpg

Rebecca Williams

Student Veterinary Nurse

I’m Becky, one of the student day nurses. I have been working here at Rayleigh Vets4Pets for about 3 years.

I really enjoy working with all different types of animals. I have quite a range myself! A cat called Ron (after Ron Weasley), a Lurcher called Lily and a horse called Izzy.

Horse riding is my main hobby taking up all of my spare time.


Laura Stokes  rayleigh.jpg

Laura Stokes

Student Veterinary Nurse

I'm Laura and I'm a first year student veterinary nurse at Rayleigh. I used to ride horses for a living but opted for a career change that still involved working with animals, with the comfort of being indoors when it's cold and rainy!

I always knew that I wanted to work with animals and so nursing is the perfect job. I particularly enjoy doing nurse consultations as I get to interact with the owners as well as the animals, not to mention cuddle some cute puppies when they come in for their second vaccinations.


Kieran Highman  rayleigh.jpg

Kieran Highman

Veterinary Care Assistant

Hi my names Kieran, and I’m a fairly new face at Vets4Pets Rayleigh. I’m a Veterinary Care Assistant, which means I’m mainly found in kennels helping to look after the many animals we welcome into our care.

David Attenborough is one of my many idols, who influenced my decision to pursue a career to work, learn, and care for animals, as this has always been a passion of mine. There is nothing more rewarding than working alongside the range of animals and amazing team here at Vets4Pets, and I am loving every minute of it.


Jessica Yelland-McClure  rayleigh.jpg

Jessica Yelland-McClure

Veterinary Care Assistant

I’m Jess and I’m a Veterinary Care Assistant. I currently own two animals, Gizmo the cat and Tilly the German Shepherd dog. I’m quite an active person and enjoy taking my Tilly on long nature walks. I’ve been caring for Tilly and Gizmo for as long as I can remember!

I love working at Vets4Pets Rayleigh because each day is different and of course, I get to work with animals. I am hoping to go to University to study Veterinary Nursing, however, working as a VCA has allowed for me to gain valuable experience. Of course, the best part about working at Vets4Pets Rayleigh is cuddles with the animals!


Karen Peck  rayleigh.jpg

Karen Peck

Customer Care Assistant

Hi I’m Karen. I’ve been working here as a receptionist for over 4 years and I love working at the practice due to the clients we have, seeing the range of animals and watching them grow.

I have recently bought my own Dachshund puppy, Gertie.


Zoe Hall  rayleigh.jpg

Zoe Hall

Customer Care Assistant

Hello, my name is Zoe and I am one of the receptionists at Rayleigh. I have two dogs Toby & Tasha.

I love working at Rayleigh Vets4Pets as I enjoy getting to meet all the new happy faces and waggy tails that come through the door.


Gemma Harris rayleigh.jpg

Gemma Harris

Customer Care Assistant

My names Gemma and I'm a receptionist here at Rayleigh vets4pets. I have been here since April 2017 and absolutely love my job and work with a great team.

I have 2 cats at home, and in my spare time I love to spend it with them, and seeing family and friends.

I am currently due to go on maternity leave in April. I cant wait to return next year and carry on doing what I love most, working with animals!


Aimee Anderson rayleigh.jpg

Aimee Anderson

Customer Care Assistant

Hi I’m Aimee and I’m one of the receptionists and veterinary care assistants at Rayleigh.

I have 3 dogs, 2 black Labradors, called Willow and Maizie, and a little Jack Russell named Lilly. My life revolves around them!

I have been in the veterinary industry since 2013 and I love my job!