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Robin Rescue at Vets4Pets Longton

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD schoolboy who broke down in tears after whisking an injured robin to the vets has received a reward for his efforts.

David Moores, from Bentilee, feared the poor bird would not survive as it appeared to have its intestines hanging out. So he and his mum Bo rushed the feathered creature to Longton-based Vets4Pets on Tuesday evening.

The Sandford Hill Primary pupil was so upset that he left the practice before staff could tell him the robin was going to make a full recovery.

But now – following an appeal in The Sentinel and on social media – they have managed to trace the youngster. Yesterday (Friday), David and his family were invited back as a 'thank you' for their help.

David, who was presented with a £50 gift voucher, said: "I was so excited when I found out the robin was going to be OK. I'd been really worried about him."

It turned out the bird had an 12cm earthworm wrapped around its body and was not badly injured at all.

Veterinary surgeon Lindsey Hopley said: "The robin had a big area of matted dirt and the earthworm had gone right through that. When we got the worm out, the bird went into flight."

She was keen to let David know the robin was all right.

Lindsey added: "He'd been so upset that we wanted to invite him back in to let him know that he'd helped save a life. The reward was just a 'thank you' for his help."

David is now planning to split the reward with his cousins.

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