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Meet The Bangor North Wales Vets Team | Vets4Pets

Vets4Pets Bangor North Wales

Meet the Bangor North Wales Vet team

Stephanie Rayner Viner JVP

Stephanie Rayner Viner

Veterinary Surgeon & Practice Owner

I became interested in becoming a vet from a very early age as I was always surrounded by animals as a child. My father owned a circus and so it was never a surprise to be shown a snake, a baboon or a tarantula! In addition to this, we had many more conventional pets and I quickly realised that what I wanted to do when I grew up was treat them. I graduated from Liverpool University in 2008 and have spent the last five years enjoying mixed practice near my home in North Wales. In the future I hope to specialise by pursuing a further qualification in a small animal discipline. 

Currently at home I have eight cats, two dogs, three pythons, two goats, five geese and five hens, so quite a lot to be getting on with! When I'm not working I enjoy foreign travel and learning new languages (currently French), swimming, going to stand-up comedy and concerts, eating out and having fun with friends.


Sarah Davies.jpg

Sarah Davies


Hello, my name is Sarah and I am the receptionist at the surgery. My favourite animals are cats, large and small! I have seven cats at home that keep me very entertained. It's great to be a part of such an excellent team. It's lovely meeting all of the clients and their pets!    


Lynda Christian.jpg

Lynda Christian

Registered Veterinary Nurse

As a child I was interested in all aspects of the natural world and hoped to work with animals for a career.  Over decades I gained experience from all types of kennel work at all levels, from the charity kennels of the NCDL as head kennel maid to quarantine kennel manageress.  After qualifying as a veterinary nurse in 1999, I remained in my training practice for a further 10 years, most of those as head nurse.  My work has taken me around the country and I settled as a permanent night nurse in a referral hospital some distance from home before joining the great team here in Bangor.  Today I own one dog, the last of decades of being a breeder, exhibitor and judge.  He is kept company by three cats, one being extremely geriatric aged about eighteen and three dwarf hamsters.  

Helen Redfern.jpg

Helen Redfern

Veterinary Surgeon

I have previously worked in a small and farm animal practice in the Midlands for 11 years, but then moved up to North Wales to focus on a small animal practice.  I especially enjoy working with an enthusiastic team and meeting the clients and animals.  I have a particular interest in small animal medicine and am currently studying towards a certificate in this discipline.  In my spare time I enjoy agility training with my black Labrador Boston, running and reading.  

Amy Brumwell.jpg

Amy Brumwell

Registered Veterinary Nurse

From a young age I have always wanted to work with animals. I had four years of experience as a trainee nurse before gaining my qualification at the end of 2015 and became a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Soon after this I joined the Vets4Pets team and really enjoy working with such a dynamic team. I love my job and am always eager to learn new things. I currently have a collie cross named Sali Mali who enjoys a bit of ‘doggy dancing’, and a welsh pony named Alan who is very cheeky and follows me around like a dog.

Ffion Sanderson Bangor North Wales

Ffion Sanderson


Hi, I am Ffion, your receptionist here at Bangor North Wales. I enjoy working alongside such a good team and love all aspects of my role as no two days are ever the same!  Outside of work, I am owned by a small mischief of rats (Luna, Bychan, Halan, Pupur, Ren, Afal and Nox) and I enjoy photography, drawing and reading up on animal behaviour.  

Dewi Jones.jpg

Dewi Jones


Hello, I am Dewi.  I am a receptionist in Bangor, North Wales.  I have a growing collection of reptiles from bearded dragons to boa constrictors.  My favourite animal is the panther chameleon, I find them to be the most interesting animal to observe.  I love working in this environment and love meeting all of the pets.