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Puppy socialisation party

Puppy socialisation party

At Vets4Pets Barnsley we encourage owners of puppies to attend puppy parties to help become the owners of happy, well behaved dogs.

As our nurse Mandy says “It is very important for your puppy at the first stages of life to learn social skills with a positive experience.

This prepares your puppy for the big wide world where they will meet other dogs and people."

Our Puppy Parties are a free service provided for our clients. Providing your puppy is aged 10 - 16 weeks old and has had their primary vaccination course they are eligible to join in the fun.

Each puppy gets 2 parties run every Tuesday evening starting at 7pm for 1 hour.

The parties are run so that your puppy can socialise in a safe environment where they will meet other puppies and their owners. They will also become used to the surgery environment and staff, making them more relaxed when they visit again for boosters,  health checks or if they are unwell in the future.

Our parties are also for you to ask any questions you may have and to learn preventative health care and training tips. They are there for you and your puppy to have some fun!

Every puppy goes home with a party bag and lots of information regarding healthcare and basic obedience training- along with a certificate of completion.

For more information on our puppy parties, please call the surgery on 01226 289 000 or pop in and speak to one of the team.

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