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Welcome to the Vets4Pets Barnsley Referral Service

How the service works:
  • This information is for veterinary surgeons wishing to refer a patient to us. 
  • For all referrals please complete the booking form or simply call us on 01226 289000  with your client’s details, and we will make all the necessary arrangements for the referral. 
  • History, case notes and other relevant information can be sent to us by email 
  • Once we have received the referral request information, we will contact the owner directly to book an appointment. 
  • The patient and client will need to visit Vets4Pets Barnsley. 
  • You will receive a full report and treatment plan. This report is usually sent as an email, but can be sent via fax and/or by post. 
  • Results/diagnosis will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via email
  • For urgent cases or emergencies please call the Barnsley clinic directly on 01226 289000. 

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Referral Form
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Terms and conditions

This is a referral service only. Patients will remain under the care of the referring veterinary surgeon.

  1. Request for an appointment to be made online using the standard booking form or call us on 01226 289 000
  2. Relevant history must be submitted
  3. Referring veterinary surgeon must inform client of the exact nature of procedure offered by the outpatient referral service
  4. Outpatient referral service will be carried out as per exact instructions on request form and Vets4Pets will accept no responsibility for investigation and reporting on concurrent disease, conditions or treatment, unless specifically requested by referring veterinary surgeon
  5. Should our examination reveal an unexpected finding, we will contact you immediately to discuss the best course of action
  6. We will not perform invasive techniques as outpatient procedures
  7. In cases where the patient requires general anaesthetic or sedation, we require you to have performed relevant blood tests within the month before the procedure and inform our clinicians about the patients general health, specifically relating to anaesthetic risks
  8. Communication (including reports) will be between Vets4Pets and referring veterinary surgeon only
  9. Vets4Pets will not accept any referred client as a new client to any of our first opinion veterinary surgeries for six months post outpatient visit.