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Meet the team

Keith Vets4Pets Leeds Birstall

Keith Leonard

Senior Veterinary Surgeon/Practice Owner

I’m Keith the youngest of four son’s all of which are currently practicing vets, as is my father but who will be soon retiring. I grew up in Cheshire and qualified from Liverpool University in 1997. After a period of small and large animal practice I started full time small animal work in 1999 and have worked all over the UK since. In 2006 my wife Julie and I travelled across Africa and our first son Ollie was born in South Africa. You can read our travel blog at I love all aspects of small animal surgery but have a particular interest in surgery and I am currently studying for a post graduate certificate in Surgery.

Julie Leonard Vets4Pets Leeds Birstall

Julie Leonard

Business Manager & Practice Owner

I’m Julie and I have an absolute passion for animals (both domestic and exotic). Having studied my BSc. Hons degree in Zoology at Edinburgh University (1997) and PhD in Biological Anthropology from the Zoological Society of London and UCL (2005), I specialised in Primatology (monkeys, apes and rainforest ecology). I’ve spent most of my working career abroad managing wildlife conservation projects in both Asia and Africa and also presented wildlife documentaries for BBC1 (Scotland the Wild 2005, and Living with Monkeys - Tales from the Treetops 2009). 2006/7 saw Keith (vet surgeon above) and myself embark on a one year overland trip where we drove through Northern, Western and Central Africa, visiting wildlife projects along the way. We’ve now come back to the UK and settled in lovely Yorkshire with 3 little monkeys of our own (Ollie, Amelia and Charlie) and our black and white cat Pippa, who keep me very busy, along with the vet business.

Becky Pealing.png

Becky Pealing BVsc MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Hi I am Becky, one of the part time Veterinary Surgeons at Brighouse. I am originally from Cheltenham but moved up to Leeds in 2016. I wanted to be a vet since the age of 3 and spent a large part of my childhood around animals of all sizes!

I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2011 and went straight to a busy small animal practice in Staffordshire where I worked for 4 years. I enjoy all aspects of veterinary but have a particular interest in medicine.

I have 2 young boys that take up most of my spare time but when I do have a few moments to myself I enjoy horse riding and running.

Laura Wilkinson

Veterinary Nurse

My name is Laura and I have been a qualified veterinary nurse for two years. I did my training in Ireland and moved back to the UK after graduating. I have worked for the Vets4Pets group for over a year now but recently transferred to Brighouse.

I really enjoy nurse clinics and inpatient care. I have a great interest in wound management and am due to start a BVNA course in wound care later this year.

I like to call myself a Spanielist. At home I have one King Charles Spaniel called Lily and a Springer Spaniel called Bruce. I have always had spaniels and think they are the best breed ever! I also have two Bengal cats called Luke and Leia, and a bearded dragon called Norbert. In my spare time I like reading, going shopping, going to concerts and love going on country walks with the dogs.

Sarah Powell.png

Sarah Powell

Veterinary Nurse

My name is Sarah, I am the Veterinary Nurse. I qualified in 2013 and this is my first time with Vets4Pets. I enjoy my job immensely and get great satisfaction knowing that I have helped to make a poorly animal better.

I have worked in the veterinary industry for 10 years; from volunteering to becoming a qualified nurse. Before qualifying I volunteered in South Africa, America and Australia helping charities who care for animals. I have four pets; five if you include my boyfriend! A cat called Rain, a rabbit called Peapod, and two chinchillas called Turks and Caicos. In my spare time I enjoy relaxing with a good book, spending time with friends and family, and travelling.

Lynsey Vets4Pets Leeds Birstall

Lyndsey Banton

Client Service Manager

My name is Lyndsey and I started working for Vets4Pets in 2014 as a Client Service Coordinator. 

I have a degree in Animal Biology from Nottingham Trent University and moved to the Leeds area from Manchester just before starting with Vets4Pets. 

I have acquired 3 cats since working here; a three legged cat called Olive, a hand reared kitten called Teddy and my newest-a foster cat called Saffy who didn’t end up leaving. As well as 2 rabbits called Lola and Ziggy. I love working as part of a close knit team of people and am hoping to climb the ladder to Practice Manager in the future. In my spare time I volunteer for Cats Protection, The National Trust and enjoy knitting, painting and horse riding.

Maria Miniero.png

Maria Miniero

Client Service Coordinator

I’m Maria and I have recently started working as a Client Service Coordinator for Vets4Pets. This is my first time working in a Veterinary practice and I am really enjoying working as part of a great team and getting to know the clients and their pets. Hopefully in the future, I will work towards Veterinary Care Assistant and eventually a nursing qualification. I have a Jack Russell named Jake and a fish that my nephew named Buzz. My favourite domestic animal is a dog. They come in all shapes and sizes, they are always happy to see you when you get home and they are loyal and friendly. My favourite exotic animals are sloths, they are always napping, they are adorable and have amazing haircuts! If I ever had the chance to meet a sloth I would genuinely cry. Lastly I love Narwhals- they are unicorns of the sea! In my spare time I look after my nephew, love going to concerts and I am a massive Disney fan.

Jamie Dixon.png

Jamie Dixon

Client Service Coordinator/ Veterinary Care Assistant

My name is Jamie and I am the Client Service Coordinator and also the Veterinary Care Assistant in the practice. My role is to assist in the care of the animals and I am hoping to train as a Veterinary Nurse too.

I have an Animal Management qualification after which I went on to do a degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton College. My favourite animals are lions and dogs and I did some work in South Africa with Lions and Vervet Monkeys and actually raised two cubs called Maya and Shelante.

I have a 7 month old Blue Merle Great Dane named Alfie and two cats, Kevin and Dolly. I also really want a rabbit however I am trying to persuade my partner.