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Meet the Bury St Edmunds Vet Team

Ana Xavier Bury St Edmunds JVP

Ana Xavier

Veterinary Surgeon & Partner

 Having graduated from Lisbon University in 2005, Ana worked in Utrecht, Netherlands until moving to Britain in 2006. Her main areas of interest are endocrinology, orthopedics and acupuncture. Ana speaks fluently in 5 languages and occasionally she gets these mixed up which leaves the nurses very confused! She has 2 cats, Oli and Gorda, which she loves to bits, almost as much as her new husband, Jose, who is also a vet.

Vanessa Lambert Vet Bury St Edmunds

Vanessa Lambert

Vanessa graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2004. Since then she has worked in various practices in Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk but she also spent some time doing charity work in the more exotic locations of Thailand, India and Cook Islands.

She deeply enjoys working with small animals and has a keen interest in small animal medicine, so much so that she recently completed her General Practitioner Certificate in Small Animal Medicine.

At home, Vanessa has one dog, one cat, one chicken and one child to keep her very busy!

Denise Galer Vet Nurse Bury St Edmunds

Denise Galer

Having wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse from a young age, Denise first started working in practice in 1993 and gained her Veterinary Nurse qualification in 1999. Over the years, she’s worked in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Denise enjoys all aspects of nursing but what she really likes is to take care of the inpatients that are hospitalised and provide them with the best care, warmth and cuddles. She is married with 3 boys and her extended family includes a pug named Louie and a cat named Charlie.

Amy Higgins Bury St Edmunds

Amy Higgins

Amy has recently moved from Essex to Suffolk after studying Animal Care Level 2 at college. She has worked at Pets at Home and has taken up a home college course studying Veterinary Nursing Assistant Level 3. She is absolutely mad about animals (to such an extent she owned over 30 rabbits at one point!) and currently owns the equivalent of a small zoo! Tipsy - a disabled rabbit, Finley and Theo - two playful rats, Cranberry and Pudding - two active Russian Dwarf hamsters, Skunk - the chubby guinea pig and George - an Australian Blue Crayfish are all very happy under her care.

In her spare time Amy loves to draw animals and wildlife scenery, read, spend time with friends, family and pets and also loves to wiz around in her motorbike.

Kylie Mcleod Bury St Edmunds

Kylie McLeod

Kylie has lived in Suffolk from the age of 11, being originally from Chelmsford in Essex. Her passion for animals is a trait she inherited from her mum, who managed a local pet shop for 15 years and where Kylie had her first job as a Saturday girl. Nowaday, Kylie lives with her boyfriend and 2 beautiful black cats, Charlie and Bella.

In her spare time, Kylie enjoys shopping, evenings out with friends, music festivals and going abroad. Her favourite destination is Turkey.

She recently had a day off so she could see... The Backstreet Boys! One is never too old to love them!