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Meet the Cardiff Bay Vet Team

Sam V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Veterinary Surgeon, Clinical Director & Joint Venture Partner

Hi I’m Sam. 

I have been a vet for 7 years this year and have always worked locally, born and bred in the Vale of Glamorgan on a local dairy farm. 

I pride myself on high clinical standards and always aim to give the very best care to our 'fur babies'. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine, which means that I have undertaken further training and examinations and am working towards my name being on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Advanced Practitioner Register. 

I am Clinical Director here at Cardiff Bay and really love working with such a fantastic team. 

Outside of work, I enjoy the gym, Olympic weightlifting and walking my labrador, Royston.

Helen V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Registered Veterinary Nurs & Joint Venture Partner

Hi I'm Helen! 

I have been a nurse for twenty years and recently started the next chapter of my career by becoming part owner and head nurse of Cardiff Bay Vets4Pets. 

I am proud to be one of only a handful of nurse partners in the UK. 

I have loved getting to know you all and nurse all of your lovely 'fur babies'!

Katie V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Veterinary Surgeon

Hi my name is Katie and I'm one of the vets here at Cardiff Bay. 

I have been working in South Wales since I graduated in 2015 and love it here! 

I have a particular interest in anaesthesia and pain management and in my spare time I enjoy running, trampolining and horse riding.

Beki V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Veterinary Surgeon

Hi I'm Beki and I live in Cardiff I graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2009 and have worked in and around Cardiff since. 

My main interest is soft tissue surgery and the different challenges that come with each new case. I also enjoy consulting; especially meeting new arrivals and watching them grow. 

I love horse riding, have two dogs Scout and Ness and two rabbits Jammie and Toffee. My baby keeps me busy outside of work and my husband is also a vet..... 

I have really enjoyed starting to meet you all and getting to know you and your pets!

Danielle V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Danielle I have been in practice for nearly three years. 

I have a keen interest in animal behaviour, nutrition and orthopaedic surgery. I have previously trained as a veterinary nurse, and after a temporary break, I cannot wait to return and hopefully qualify as an RVN. 

In my spare time I enjoy walking my doggy Tyson, and having relaxing catches with my cat Jessie!

Bethan V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hi I'm Bethan. I graduated with a degree from Hartpury in 2016 as a registered Veterinary Nurse. 

From a child I've always wanted to work with animals and am grateful I get to care for them everyday. I have a keen interest in nutrition and am currently undertaking a certificate in feline and canine nutrition. 

I have two English Springers that take up most my time and a spoilt fat Guinea pig called Jerry.

Emmajayne V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Emmajayne. 

I graduated from Hartbury College in 2015 after completing my degree in veterinary nursing. I love working with animals and this job has fulfilled my childhood dreams. 

I have a keen interest in behaviour and I'm currently undertaking an animal behaviour certificate. 

In my spare time I like to spend it with friends and family. I take my rescue dog Lilly to hydrotherapy and physiotherapy for her hip problems...she's doing really well. Sending all my love to all your fur babies.

Meg V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi I'm Meg, I'm a student veterinary nurse here at Cardiff bay Vets4Pets. 

I've been volunteering and working with animals for over 6 years and I loved every second. I started volunteering in Vets4Pets over a year ago and have been working full-time since December. 

I thoroughly enjoy coming into work and learning new things everyday, helping look after your lovely animals and working with an amazing and supportive team. 

I look forward to hopefully one day becoming a qualified registered veterinary nurse. If your furry friend is feeling poorly I'll always give him or her a cuddle and lots of fuss!!! The dog in the picture is my nutty nine year old Cockapoo having cuddles.

Rachel V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

Hi I'm Rachel, I am one of the student veterinary nurses here at Vets4Pets.

I have almost finished my studies and I am due to sit my final practical exam at the end of this month! Wish me luck!.. 

I have worked in veterinary for almost thirteen years and have gained qualifications in animal and veterinary care. I have a keen interest in emergency and critical care nursing, minor surgery and laboratory work. 

In my spare time I enjoy playing rugby and watching the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team. I have a naughty twenty year old Jack Russell Terrier named Blackberry and a retired pony named Jack - I do love the golden oldies!

Natalie V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

Hi I am Natalie. I have worked within veterinary practices for the past five years but have always had a passion for animals. 

I am currently a Veterinary Care Assistant but am hoping to start training as a Veterinary Nurse towards the end of the year. 

At home I have a four month old son, two cats whom I hand reared, a hamster and a fish tank so I am always busy. I look forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks.

Laura V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Practice Manager

Hi my name is Laura. I am the Practice Manager here at Vets4Pets Cardiff Bay. I started working in veterinary nursing fourteen years ago when I went to university to gain my degree in Veterinary Nursing Science. 

I returned back to Cardiff seven years ago. I love my job in all its forms; the animals and the client relationships that get formed. I also enjoy going to schools or road shows and talking about our work and animal care to younger children. I used to take animals to Ty Hafan as "pet therapy" and I loved watching the children engage with the animals. 

Outside of work I have two young children that keep me very busy as well as my own two fur babies. 

I am enjoying getting to meet everyone and their own lovely fur babies and hope to meet more of you soon.

Rachel Head Receptionist V4P Cardiff Bay.png


Head Receptionist

Hi my name is Rachel and I recently joined the Cardiff Bay team as newly appointed Head Receptionist. 

I have previously worked in a veterinary practice and after taking time away.