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Vets4Pets Llanrumney Star Pet

Vets4Pets Llanrumney - Hall of Fame

Meet the winners of our Star Pet of the Month

November Winner.png

**Meet November's Winner**

Holly is a thirteen year old miniature Schnauzer who we've had the pleasure of knowing since the first week we opened here at Llanrumney Vets4Pets! 

18 months ago she became diabetic, meaning her dedicated owner has to inject her every day, twice a day with insulin and carefully monitor her food intake and activity levels. Unfortunately many diabetic dogs can develop cataracts which renders them completely blind; luckily Holly's owner had taken out insurance so referral for surgery was possible to restore Holly's eyesight. 

It's been a bumpy road for Holly over the last two years but she's doing fantastically well, not least as a result of the tremendous efforts of her owner. Holly is a sweet natured little lady who never complains despite multiple blood tests - she really does deserve to be our Star Pet of the Month. 

Well Done Holly - your mum can claim your free Advocate flea and worm treatment as your prize!

** Meet January's Winner**

Lola was playing on the beach when suddenly she went lame on her left hind leg. Lola's owner brought her to our practice in Llanrumney the following day where she was examined by orthopaedic surgeon Tom. 

By feeling her knee Tom was able to quickly diagnose a ruptured cruciate ligament in the consulting room. At Llanrumney Vets4Pets Cardiff, we are able to offer the most up to date orthopaedic procedures. Tom performed a TTA rapid on Lola. 

This procedure alters the biomechanics of the knee joint to stabilise it and relieve the pain Lola was suffering as quickly as possible. As you can see in the x-ray it involves cutting the shin bone and inserting a titanium cage and screws. In time these actually heal into the bone - a bionic dog! 

Lola made an excellent recovery and thanks to the dedication of her owner, she will be back running around the the beach soon! 

Well done Lola, a well deserved Star Pet x

Lola LLanrumney.png