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Vets4Pets Charlton show support to the Catcuddles Cat Sanctuary

VIP Lifelines presented to local charity

The Catcuddles Cat Sanctuary are a charity who help to care for and rehome numerous of cats. They recieve no goverment support and suvive on fundraising, donations and volunteers. They are local to our practice and have helped us in recent months with finding homes for two cats that were handed in to us. 

We wanted to show our support to Catcuddles by donating £300 worth of credit for treatments and services. This means if they have a poorly cat or cat's that need neutering this will help cover the cost. 

Here is a photo of two members of our team presenting a cheque to a member of the Catcuddles volunteer team :) 

The £300 credit has been generated from the Pets At Home VIP Lifelines. When a VIP member shops in store or at a Vets4Pets/Companion care practice they earn lifelines. These Lifelines are then converted into donations for charities. So thank you! :)

We decide which charity we would like to donate this credit to, and we decided Catcuddles fully deserved it.

You can find out about the VIP scheme here

To find out more about the Catcuddles Cat Sanctuary please click here.

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