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Meet The Clevedon Vet Team | Vets4Pets

Vets4Pets Clevedon

Meet the Clevedon Vet Team

Edita Descere MRCVS

Owner & Veterinary Surgeons

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Michael Parry MRCVS

Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

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Kelly Hurst


I have always shared my life with animals for as long as I can remember. I don't think I have ever had a period in my life where I have not had pets and I spent childhood holidays on a farm and amongst wildlife.  I have worked in a Grooming Parlour, in pet departments for Wyevale, as a Deputy Manager for Pets at Home and I'm SQP trained and I have an NVQ II in Animal Care. Animals are a passion and I enjoy learning something new about them every day, so working here at the Veterinary Surgery is perfect for me. I love the contact and relationships that are built up with clients and their pets and I also work with a fantastic, funny and caring team!

My spare time is mainly taken up looking after my furry household, which consists of three cats, Poppy, Rosie & Dexter. Two Rabbits, Lola & Spud. Two Chinchillas, Zeppy & Merlin. Two Degus, Cadfael & Sean. One Russian Hamster called Willy Wonka. One Siamese Fighter called Lemmy and my little lady Mina, who is a Swedish Vallhund(google them, amazing little dogs!). Since moving to the coast I am loving beach and country walks with her. I do like to read when time allows and I also like to see live music.