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Bunny Bonding

New service available: Bunny Bonding

Did you know that bunnies are happier in pairs?

Rabbits are very social creatures who are happier and healthier, and live longer, if they have a mate.

Despite the need to live with another rabbit, you cannot just put two rabbits in a cage and expect them to immediately get along, this is where the bonding process comes in.

No two bunny bonding processes are the same as bunny behaviours are delicate and complex.

At Vets4Pets Dunfermline we have lots of experience bonding rabbits together, so are aware of key behaviours to monitor and how to adjust the process accordingly.

The benefits of bonding your bunnies:

Rabbits are social creatures that need the company of other rabbits to be happy.

Keeping bunnies together can help avoid self-destructive behaviours often found in single hutch rabbits, such as:

  • Overeating
  • Fur pulling
  • Pulling at cage bars & damaging their teeth in the process 
Keeping a happy rabbit is keeping a healthy rabbit!

The best pairings for rabbits is one male and one female. Both must be neutered (or if bonded young neutered at 4 months old).

Bonding at home can be stressful and problematic, mainly due to the difficulty in providing a genuinely neutral area for your bunnies to meet.

At Vets4Pets we can offer:

  • A team of bunny enthusiasts
  • Experience in the bunny bonding processes & knowledge of key behaviours
  • Neutral grounds - like many animals, rabbits are territorial and will not accept an unfamiliar rabbit in their territory. At Vet4Pets Dunfermline we offer just that, unfamiliar grounds for all participating rabbits
  • Advice and guidance on the importance of neutering

Our Bunny Bonding Service includes:

  • A full day supervised bonding in a neutral environment
  • Close monitoring by an experienced member of the team who is familiar with bunny behaviours
  • Short journeys for the rabbits in a secure carrier together which helps in establishing the bond
  • An overnight stay in our rabbit ward for your bunnies provided that a recognised bond has been formed throughout the day
  • Support and advice from our team in keeping your newly bonded bunnies happy once they go home to start their lives together

To ensure the greatest chance of a successful bonding all rabbits involved must be neutered.

Call 01383 738 796 or visit us in store Inside Pets at Home, Halbeath Road, Dunfermline, KY11 4LP.

Terms and conditions apply

1. Whilst the practice will endeavour to ensure no harm is caused to the bunnies in the bonding process any injuries incurred are at the owners risk.
2. Any treatments that may be required as a result of fighting would need to be covered by the owner. 
3. Owners must be aware that although rabbits once bonded, usually bond for life, we cannot 100% guarantee this. 
4. To qualify for Bunny Bonding your rabbits must have been neutered & must be up-to date with all their vaccinations. You will be required to show evidence of this if this was performed by a different surgery. 
5. If successful bonding takes place during the day the rabbits will remain at the clinic on their own overnight for further bonding. 
6. If the daytime bonding exercise is not successful the rabbits will not be eligible to be kept at the clinic overnight, clients would only pay 50% of the costs. 
7. The 25% off bunny bonding service offer, when taken in with a Complete Care rabbit package cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 
8. Bunny Bonding service only available at Vets4Pets Dunfermline.

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