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Gold Award for Cat Friendly Clinic

All of us at Vets4Pets East Kilbride South are delighted that we have been granted Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC) status. We received the award by participating in the International Society Feline Medicine (ISFM) programme based on the IFSM’s standards of cat well being within a veterinary clinic. The main criterion really for this award is the willingness of the staff to ‘think cat’. The phrase “cats are not small dogs” is used frequently and this is the basis of this award and we have shown an ability to understand that cats have very specific needs and that we are willing to cater for them to the best of our abilities. Below are just some of the reasons why we have been awarded gold standard status Separate cat and dog wards A sterile theatre Qualified nursing staff to monitor anaesthetics Dedicated cat waiting area away from dogs We have cat information available in the waiting room.

By signing up to the CFC scheme all of us at Vets4Pets East Kilbride South have committed ourselves to gold standard cat friendly handling techniques, understanding how to create cat friendly environments by use of products such as cat igloos, toys and much more. We all understand that as territorial creatures cats are already stressed the second they leave their home so they are at a major disadvantage by the time they come through our doors so it is our goal to make visits to see us as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

Receiving this award however doesn't mean that we don't love seeing all of our doggy clients! The separate waiting area benefit the dogs too as they can quite often be either scared or overexcited by visiting the vets as well as cats.

Why not come and see for yourself? Book an appointment or call us on 01355 572 760 or pop in and speak to one of the team.

For more information on the the award from the ISFM please click here.

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