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Meet the Falkirk Vets Team
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Vets4Pets Falkirk

Meet the team


Debbie Pringle

Practice Manager

I Joined the Falkirk Vets4Pets team as Practice Manager in November 2016. After having always worked with animals in numerous different rolls and working alongside many different Veterinary practices, it is lovely to now see how the other side of the consult doors run.

At home I have my Black Labrador who we rescued a few years ago. Teistie is now 11 years old and is a ex-gun dog, he tends to be my shadow no matter where I go, including coming to work with me on a daily basis. Teisties favourite things to do are eating and sleeping.
My other two pets are Charlie and Nutmeg who are my two horses. Charlie is a 8 year old Sports horse who loves nothing more than to cause trouble and thinks he is always the boss. Nutmeg is my little Shetland who I have owned since she was 10 months old.

When I'm not working you will most likely find me spending time with my horses and Teistie, but in my spare time I love to eat out, go nice walks and spend weekends up North relaxing with my partner, friends and family
V4P Falkirk - Chris Receptionist

Chris Norris

Full Time Receptionist

As I have been here since Vets4Pets acquired the practice in March 2016, it is gratifying to watch it come to fruition, from the bare bones of a building into a fully functioning practice! I am looking forward to seeing the new surgery keep developing and become fully established. 

Animals are very much my passion and I have to remind myself to limit the number I adopt from rescue so that they get the best of everything and all the attention they require. 

I have 2 fabulous rescue cats, Argyll and Abigail Rose, who are 11 years old (my kids who I couldn’t be without), and 3 rescue rabbits. Zoe is a tiny dwarf rabbit with beautiful eyes, one brown eye and one blue. Jay is my big mischievous lop, a total delinquent and highly amusing to watch. It is fabulous to watch the 4 of them out playing in the garden together. 

Jack Reilly my large albino, one lop ear, one normal, enjoys his home comforts and can be found lounging on the arm of the couch between nibbles! 

When I can prise myself away from my fur babies, I love to eat out with friends and family and get a good catch up (to bore them with photos and stories of animals)!