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Meet the Launceston Vets Team
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Vets4Pets Launceston

Meet the team

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Joanna Dudek

Veterinary Surgeon & Practice Owner

I knew, since the age of 5, that I was going to be a Vet. My passion for animals started with horses, then I witnessed a dog being hit by a car and was very lame, running away from me. I did not know how to help, which was very frustrating. 

I graduated University in Poland in 2005 and came straight to the UK. After several months of training and upgrading my qualifications, then two years post-graduation studies, I started working for Vets4Pets in Poole. I left Poole in 2015 to work closer to home at Vets4Pets Southampton. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but an opportunity to open my own Practice, here in Cornwall, was too tempting to pass up. 

I have always wanted to run my own practice, and have had many lovely holidays in Cornwall, so to be able to live and work here is like a dream come true. Since we opened in January 2017, it has been challenging but very rewarding. I am very lucky to have a great team around me, making sure we offer the best care for our clients & their pets.

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Gino Palmier

Practice Manager

Jo and I moved to Cornwall at the end of 2016. We had a holiday caravan here for almost 10 years, so the opportunity to open our own practice nearby was too good to pass up. 

After almost 30 years working as an electrical/software engineer in various manufacturing environments, my life is now completely different. Being Practice Manager here at Vets4Pets Launceston is a whole new challenge for me. 

I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with our new clients, meeting the friendly people of Launceston and, of course, their pets! I am also enjoying the challenge of growing a new business. 

The best part of my new life is being able to bring our dog, Toto, to work, and taking her for lunchtime walks to the local park.

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Sophie RVN

Head Veterinary Nurse

I have always had a love for animals, ever since I was young and owned a menagerie of pets including ducks, chickens, Guinea-pigs and dogs! 

Since leaving school I knew I wanted to work with animals so went straight to Bicton College where I studied Animal Management and decided to further my training as a Veterinary Nurse. After a lot of hard work I was lucky enough to study a foundation degree in Veterinary Nursing at the Royal Veterinary College in London. 

However, my heart has always belonged to the South West so after graduating in 2012 I moved permanently to Cornwall to live with my now husband, Gary and our Golden Labrador, Lola. I love meeting such a variety of pets at Vets4Pets especially all the puppies that come to our puppy parties! 

 In my spare time I love to meet up with friends and family and explore the beautiful Cornwall, with Lola.

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Veterinary Nurse

I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2013, and since then have aimed to gain as much experience as possible by working in varying roles and clinics including first opinion, emergency & critical care and referral, from all of which I have learned a great deal. 

I started with the fantastic team at Launceston, and moved to Cornwall from Essex in February 2017 with my rescue Doberman ‘Dobey’, two cats. and three rabbits.

 In my spare time I thoroughly enjoy taking Dobey to the beach and exploring everything Cornwall has to offer.

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When I was growing up we always had various animals in our house. My Mum kept horses and donkeys which is where my love of being around animals came from, and always wanting to do what's best for them. 

I left school and my career went off in several different directions. Firstly, I went to college and trained as a chef, then my path changed and I worked for an auctioneer. I then moved on and worked for a waste company. 

Last year, my husband and I decided to move to Cornwall and start a new life with our dog, Dilly. By taking this job as receptionist I have been given the opportunity to grow with a new venture, and to meet and greet all of our clients and their pets. This has fulfilled my childhood dream of working with animals.

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A few years ago I moved to England to save myself from going back and forth twice a year as I have always loved Cornwall. 

During my stays I have enjoyed working with a variety of Animals and I am looking forward to training to be a veterinary nurse this year. 

In Germany I studied Geography finishing with a Bachelor of Science but this will be very different, new and exciting. I live on the coast with my ponies Tilly & Lilly, my cat Ruediger and my dog Monty. When all the pets are fed and happy I go rowing with my Gig Club to see the coast from a different perspective. 

At reception of Vets4Pets I really enjoy meeting the clients and the patients especially. I like making sure they get the best care they can get and making the appointment as enjoyable as possible.