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Gold Standard Neutering Service

Neutering is a once in a lifetime routine surgery but because we understand how precious your pet is to your family, we would like to explain why we feel we offer the best service for this operation.

Pain Relief: Because our first priority is to prevent pain we use a combination of pain medication during surgery including Methadone, anti-inflammatories, paracetamol for dogs, and ketamin for cats. There is no compromise her and all animals are provided with 4 days’ pain relief to take, included in the cost. 

Wound Care: We close the wound with internal sutures so there are no stitches on the outside to interfere with. We will cover spay wounds to protect them after surgery and provide an Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from interfering with the wound.

Surgical Standards: Our surgeons will be dressed in full sterile gown and gloves and wear surgical hats and masks. We also use new, single use, disposable drapes for each patient and individually packed suture material of the same grade as human surgery (Ethicon).

We clip a large area of fur from under the abdomen and prepare the site for surgery with Chrlor-Prep in the same manner as human hospitals. This is why we do not need to use antibiotics during surgery.

Diet: Your pet will be hungry after surgery so we will feed them as soon as possible after recovery with an appropriate diet.

Post-Op Checks: Our nurses will recheck your pet at two to four days after surgery and at ten days to make sure there are no problems and will refer to the vet if there is anything of concern. These checks are included in the cost of the operation.

Our current neutering prices are based on weight and are detailed below:


We would also offer the choice of an Enhanced Neutering Experience for pampered pooches.

A blood test before the operation to check the liver, kidneys, blood proteins and cells -£45
Fluid therapy during the operation to maintain blood pressure and hydration during surgery and encourage smoother anaesthetic recovery-£45
Option for an inflatable collar or surgical shirt to protect the wound to replace the use of the traditional Elizabethan collar-£7-£15
We will provide additional food to take home for recovery-£5
Full Pamper Package Offer -£95