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Find out more about the specialist services we offer here at Vets4Pets Loughborough      
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Nurse Clinics

 1) Puppy & Kitten - part of our Puppy & Kitten and Best Start in Life packages. Our nurses will be a friendly face to your pup or kitten. They will answer any questions they have and make sure your pet has everything they need to get them started

2) Weigh & Worm - Our nurses will weigh your pets, discuss parasite prevention with you and formulate a tailor made anti parasite plan that suits you and your pet.

3) Dental checks -  Over 70% of adults cats and dogs suffer from some form of dental disease. Our nurses can assess your pet's teeth and the best options for keeping them clean.

4) Weight Watchers- Obesity can lead to illnesses such as heart disease and arthritis. Our nurses can advise you on how much/what to feed your pet and check for other reasons why your pet is not losing weight. We offer monthly weigh-ins to support your pet's weight loss.

5) Blood Pressure monitoring-  Older cats can suffer from high pressure, either on its own or because of other diseases. This can be a silent killer. We offer blood pressure checks for cats (mainly over the age of 10) to see if they require medication or further investigation. 

Our nurses will also carry out nail clipping, anal gland squeezing, microchipping, diet advice and lots of other preventative health help. 

Please note, a nurse is not able to diagnose or treat conditions and illnesses. When you are concerned that your pet is poorly please request an appointment with a vet.


We offer physiotherapy for dogs and cats. This is provided by Kerry Cramp, one of our registered vet nurses who has completed her certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy. These are usually half-hour sessions. Physiotherapy is a very good way of getting your pet moving again after orthopaedic surgery and in arthritic pets.

Please speak with a receptionist for more information and costs.


Chronic Disease

There are some pets who are going to get diseases that need managing for the rest of their lives; osteoarthritis, allergic skin disease, hyperthyroidism, kidney and heart failure are some of these. Although, once a pet gets these diseases they are not curable, we can help your pet to live a long and happy life even with these lifelong problems

We can offer regular health checks, blood testing and medication reviews as well as advice on weight, diet, exercise and other aspects of caring for your pet to help you manage chronic disease.

If we diagnose a new patient with a chronic disease we will endeavour to explain and help you understand the disease and what you can do about it as well as give you an idea of the costs involved in treating the disease so that you are able to budget effectively for it.



We have a wide range of diagnostic equipment and tests that we can use to help us identify what your pet needs to get better. Including: 
  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Microscopy
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy.

. The vet will discuss with you what diagnostics may be necessary in order to treat your pet.

Surgical Procedures

In addition to the usual routine procedures such as neutering and dentals we can undertake a variety of soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures including lump removal, gastrointestinal, bladder and perineal surgery, cruciate ligament and fracture repair.

 The vet will discuss with you, following diagnostics, when a surgical procedure may be required.

 Luke Knowles, our head vet, is currently studying for his Certificate in Surgery and is now able to offer more advanced procedures in practice to reduce the need for referral.