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Meet the Lytham vet team

Andrew Harrison JVP Lytham

Andrew Harrison

Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS (JVP)

What is your favourite animal and why?
Cats, I love their independent nature and how they know how to get what they want from you! 

What pets do you have and what are their names?
I have 4 dogs and 9 cats, so too many names to list on here, but Mr Big and Black Tulip are a couple of them 

What's the best pet name that you've ever come across?
Prince Oscar Harland 

What is your favourite famous animal?

What's the best aspect of working for Vets4Pets?
Helping owners to keep their pets healthy and happy

Vets4Pets Preston James Rogerson practice manager partner

James Rogerson

Practice Manager (JVP)

I joined Preston Vets4Pets Ltd during our opening month of March 2009 whilst I was still teaching full-time (Performing Arts in case you couldn't already tell)! Having being invited by Andrew to take on the role as Practice Manager, I joined the team without hesitation hungry to take on a new challenge and to be closer to the shops! My background is highly varied and I've probably had every job you could think of during my "resting actor" days; based on those experiences I witnessed some diabolical examples of customer service and I always swore to deliver nothing but exceptional customer care.

Our priority here at Lytham Vets4Pets is to make every visit as stress-free and as pleasant as the last and if you ever feel we fall below this standard then please contact me on my personal email at

When I'm blessed with a day off, I can often be found stroking, feeding, cleaning and stroking my 10 cats a bit more, playing bingo with the Mother or taking myself off to the latest musical (if not starring in it).

I look forward to my next chat with you at reception over a brew - and if you fancy bringing me something a little special, I've taken an extra fancy to Spicy Teriyaki Deli Chips from the Booths store in Penwortham!

Chow for now.


Michelle Arround RVN Lytham

Michelle Arroud

Head Veterinary Nurse

Good day! My name is Michelle, I'm Senior Nurse at Lytham Vets4Pets (when I say senior, don't be thinking I'm old though, as I'm only 21! Give or take a few years) I am one of the original Lytham ladies as I have been here since day dot.

The gorgeous black Labrador in the photo is of my princess Lucky who some of you may have seen when visiting the practice as she supervises me at work and keeps... us all in check. She does have two partners in crime at home in the shape of a white cat called Barry and a ginger cat called Kevin. Barry and Kevin, along with Lucky, enjoy eating and sleeping. As food is a hobby for all of my pets they have taught me a lot about weight management which in turn I have used to help other pets. Aside from weight management, my other areas of interest are anaesthesia, pain management and dentistry.

When I'm not hidden away in my consult room, I can be found in wellies tending the other man in my life, my blonde horse Jester.


Sarah Harrison Receptionist Lytham

Sarah Harrison

Finance & Client Services Manager

Hello, I’m the Finance & Client Services Manager here and I've been working for Vets4Pets since November 2011.

I also work over at our sister practices in Preston and Blackpool Squires Gate. I have two dogs who my dad looks after for me, Gizmo a Shih Tzu cross and Dolly Doris a Yorkshire Terrier who I gave a forever after home she was saved from one of our lovely clients.

My favourite thing about coming to work each day is working with my fantastic colleagues that are like an extended family and seeing our lovely clients and watching their pets grow up.

Whenever you’re passing, feel free to drop in for a brew and a biscuit :)


Sarah Scarr

Client Accounts Manager

Hello! I'm Sarah and I'm the Client Accounts Manager at Lytham Vets4Pets & Blackpool Squires Gate Vets4Pets. I'm originally from a small town near Newcastle Upon Tyne, but moved to Lytham St Anne's back in 2015. I've just returned to the family after a short spell of human nursing, where I realised my passion definitely lies with animals, our lovely clients, and of course my amazing Vets4Pets family! Not only do I love to see all of your pets, but I love to look after the pets we have at home, who are: Lily the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Sebastian the Cross Breed, Severus the Snake, Mr Chow the Bearded Dragon, and 3 Crested Geckos.

When I'm not working or looking after the menagerie, you can find me at home curled up with a good book (preferably fantasy or a good thriller) or playing video games.


Meg Wight

Client Accounts Manager

Hi my name is Meg and I have been employed by Vets4Pets since June 2011. I was originally taken on to open the Lytham practice, but over the years have worked in all four sister practices at one time or another. I have now returned to the Lytham practice after a couple of years away in Scotland. It feels good to be back with my little Lytham family of both colleagues and clients. I really enjoy all aspects of my role but one of the best things is spending time with the particularly nervous pets and encouraging them out of their shell to enjoy their visit to our practice - sometimes with little treats (bribery is a wonderful thing!) I look forward to welcoming you all in to the practice and particularly look forward to lots of cuddles from our little furry friends.


Dan Pocora

Veterinary Surgeon

I graduated from the University of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2006 and since then have been working in the field of sales and distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical products & medical equipment and also in small animal veterinary practice. I started working at Vets4Pets in June 2015 and I enjoy being part of the team every day since.

I have an interest in small animal internal medicine, ultrasound examination and soft tissue surgery. When I am not at the clinic I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, doing outdoor activities and also I like to travel to see different places, reading or watching movies for entertainment.


Gaynor Farrow

Veterinary Surgeon

Hi, I am one of the vets here at Lytham Vets4pets.

I graduated from the R(D)SVS in Edinburgh in 1995 then worked in Sunderland & South East London before moving to the local area 14 years ago to be closer to my family. I have worked part time here since June 2017. I live with my husband and young daughter and we have two cheeky German Shorthaired Pointers called Jensen & Finn. You may see (or hear!) them at the surgery when they accompany me to work.


In my spare time I love nothing more than spending quality time with my family and close friends. I'm generally always taking my daughter here there and everywhere!


After 23 years as a vet I can thankfully say I still enjoy my job especially the interaction with the clients & their pets.


Sophie May Mansfield Receptionist Lytham

Sophie-May Mansfield

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I am a registered veterinary nurse here at Lytham Vets4Pets and at Blackpool squires gate Vets4Pets. Many of you may recognise me as I have also worked full time for 1 year at Preston Capitol Vets4Pets and have also worked with Preston Vets4Pets also. I have worked for Vets4Pets since July 2012. I started here as an apprentice receptionist with the intention of always being a veterinary nurse as animals are my passion. I registered as a veterinary nurse in August 2017. I love my job and all that is involved. I have 2 dogs, Millie who is a 1 year old blue and roan Cocker Spaniel and Buddy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is ruby and black. They are my babies and I love them both so much!! I look forward to meeting all my clients and patients!


Lynda Davies

Veterinary Care Assistant

I have worked as a receptionist/veterinary care assistant at Lytham Vets4Pets since January 2014. It's one of the best jobs I have had as I get to meet lots of lovely pets and their owners.

I have a Rottweiler called Roxy and a Rottweiler x German Shepherd called Jazz. They are both 7 years old. I also have 2 black cats called Abraham and Lincoln. I got them from Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary as kittens because nobody wanted them as they were black. All dogs and cats get on brilliantly together.

I get up at to take the dogs for a good long walk (sometimes a run if I’m feeling energetic!) before I come to work. On my days off I take the dogs further as I have some nice country walks where I live. If the cows or sheep are in the field our walk will take a long time as Roxy is obsessed with them, and will sit at the gate to their field until they come to say hello. And they always do eventually!

I have a lovely grandson who I try and see as much as I can, and enjoy going out with friends. I have friends who have horses that I try and see as much as I can, as I used to work in various horse competition yards and have had many horses myself (and donkeys!).

Working here at Lytham is like having an extended family. I love coming to work, and often joke that if I didn't have the animals at home I would probably live here!


Karisse Barratt

Student Veterinary Nurse

I am currently in my second year of training hoping to qualify next year.

I have a dog named Daisy who is a year old and full of energy! I enjoy taking her for walks at the weekend and exploring new places.


Faye Burrows

Student Veterinary Nurse

Hello, I am currently completing my placement as a Student Veterinary Nurse here at Lytham Vets4Pets. I had already worked in the veterinary industry for five years prior to venturing out on my degree, so I already knew that this was the career for me! I have always had such a strong love (obsession) for animals, having grown up surrounded by dogs, rabbits, poultry and even a couple of piglets! I currently own just one dog, Sully and one rabbit, called Prim who keep me busy enough all by themselves. On my days off I love to go on long country walks, which Sully is less keen on with his little Bichon Frise legs! I am loving my time here working as part of this wonderful team and enjoy getting to meet all of the amazing clients and their pets!


Anna Wickes

Veterinary Receptionist

Hello, I am one of the receptionists at Lytham Vets4Pets. I love working and being around animals and have since a young age. When I am not at the practice you will find me on our family farm alongside my dad helping manage the daily duties of a hectic dairy farm which includes a 5am morning milking every day!

I really value my time spent on reception getting to meet clients and their pets and see how we as a team help others care for their pets to the best of our ability. At the end of the day I always come home feeling like I have achieved something with my day in helping the team provide this service.

At home I have a young Labrador called Mindy who keeps me on my toes and has a bit of a reputation at the vets for being one of our more lively characters. I like to think that just adds to her personality which she has in abundance!

I look forward to meeting you and your pets in the future.


Madison Bourne

Veterinary Receptionist

Hi, have recently started at Lytham Vets4pets as a receptionist, after recently completing my Animal Management course at Myerscough College in August 2018. I love it here and I love dealing with all animals and clients. I am also good at handling animals due to the experience I gained at college, home and working within practice.

I am hoping to start my veterinary nurse training next year to become a registered veterinary nurse as that is my passion.

My pets include, Macey who is a 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and two Rats called Milo and Ray. They’re currently one-year-old, with respiratory problems so I nebulise them twice daily and they regularly visit the vets. My hobbies include dancing, which I have been doing since I was 4. I’m also a lifeguard at Sand Castle Water park where I am First Aid trained and trained to deal with children with sufficient needs (which has included 5 lifeguard rescues since I started). I also love to learn about small animals as I would love to specialise in them as they are my favourite.

I love being part of the Vets4Pets team, and I love working with all our lovely colleagues.


Mr. Snakey

Hello everybody, my name is Mr Snakey. I found my forever after home in 2015 when some lovely refuse collector's saved me as I was sunbathing in the middle of a busy road.


I love my life here in St Anne's, especially my adopted daddy, Andrew who said I could come and live here and my Aunty Lynda who cleans me, feeds me and waters me.


I love it when my work friends take me out of my house and let me have a nice stretch and slither about. I also like it when I can help our student nurses learn how to handle us snakes.


If you’re ever passing and have a spare snack for me or just want to say hello, please call in and ask if I am awake so you can have a cuddle.


Sssssssssssssssssee you all sssssssssssssssssoon....