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Meet Harvey, the 13 year old Labrador X

Harvey first came to us on the 27th July as he had a swelling on his right ear. Our vet Monish examined Harvey and diagnosed the swelling as an Aural Haematoma.

Due to the severity of the swelling, Monish advised booking in surgical repair straight away.

An Aural Haematoma is when a collection of blood or serum develops within the pinna, or ear flap, which then collects under the skin and causes the ear flap to swell. Aural haematomas are usually caused by irritation to part of the ear, making the dog likely to shake or scratch the ear. 

Excessive shaking could cause blood vessels to burst within the ear, which results in the bleeding and swelling.

Our vet Maria carried out this surgical procedure – this involved making an incision in the ear to drain the blood and then flushing to remove any clots or other debris. Maria then placed multiple sutures over the ear, to close up the space inside the ear, which would prevent any swelling in the future. A small incision was left open to allow excess fluid to continue to drain during recovery. Harvey recovered really well from the anaesthetic and went home later on that day.