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April Pet of the Month

April Pet of the Month!

Meet Evy!


Evy first came to see us as her owner had noticed a swelling on her left ear. Our vet Monish diagnosed it as an aural haematoma. An Aural haematoma is when blood or serum develops within the pinna, or ear flap, this then collects under the skin and causes the ear flap to swell.


Aural haematomas are usually caused by irritation to part of the ear, making the dogs likely to shake or scratch. Excessive shaking could cause blood vessel to burst within the ear, which results in the bleeding and swelling. Evy was booked in for corrective surgery & it was a great success. Evy went home later that day since she has been in for several check-ups. She is recovering very well with no re-occurrence of the haematoma! WELL DONE EVY!
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Evy 2.jpg
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