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Laparoscopic (keyhole) Surgery

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Laparoscopic surgery

We are able to offer an alternative method to traditional surgery with our laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery service. Our most common laparoscopic surgery performed is a bitch spay.

A laparoscopic spay

A laparoscopic spay has various advantages over a traditional open spay:

• Laparoscopic spay has been shown to cause up to 65% less post operative pain than a traditional spay in studies. 

• Cautery, as opposed to sutures, are used to seal blood vessels meaning that there is a reduced chance of serious post operative complications and dogs can return to normal exercise sooner. 

• Usually only 2 incisions, less than 1cm in size, are made compared to a longer incision with open surgery. This reduces the risk of post operative wound problems and reduces tissue trauma.

• A camera is used to see the internal organs during the surgery. This gives the surgeon a clearer view of the entire abdomen than with open surgery. 

Other procedures

Other procedures that we perform laparoscopically include retained abdominal testicle removal, liver biopsy, laparoscopic-assisted bladder surgery and laparoscopic-assisted intestinal surgery.