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Meet The Pudsey Vet Team | Vets4Pets

Vets4Pets Pudsey

Meet the Pudsey vet team

Saskia Klauck JVP Veterinary Surgeon Vets4Pets Pudsey

Saskia Klauck

Veterinary Surgeon & Joint Venture Partner

Adele Harmer Veterinary Surgeon Vets4Pets Pudsey

Adele Harmer

Veterinary Surgeon

Dorota Krukowska Veterinary Surgeon Vets4Pets Pudsey

Dorota Krukowska (Dotty)

Veterinary Surgeon

What is your job role?
When I was a child I was hoping that it will be possible for me to bring animals to work as I thought adults can do whatever they want. I could not imagine my life without them. Then I realized it is not that easy but I found my way around it: I became a veterinary surgeon. I enjoy working with animals and I treat my work very personally. I feel that I am doing something important and therefore I want to be better and better every day. I speak Polish, English and Russian. I am very happy that in being a veterinary surgeon I can serve people and animals at the same time.

What is your favourite animal and why?
It is impossible for me to choose just one animal. I know so many fascinating cats and dogs as I am seeing them every day. I know rabbits that can be owner’s best friends. When I was young I was fascinated with wild animals and I could spend hours watching my father’s fish swimming in aquarium. I know a lot about ants and bees. When I was a student my best friend when was a small smart white mouse, nobody could believe how many tricks she learned and how loving and friendly mice can be. One day I will have cats, dogs, bees, chickens, ducks and goats and I will be the happiest person in the world! :) 

What pets do you have and what are their names?
I have 3 cats now. All of them were stray cats and nobody wanted them. Skarpeta is around 7 years and came with me from Poland. He was once brought to me to be put to sleep as he is suffering from chronic incurable disease. Deedee was found on the street by one of my clients about 2 years ago, although she is sweet, healthy and cheerful nobody wanted to give her home. Marchewka was found in the bin, she is still very sensitive cat and it took me weeks to gain her love and trust. All my cats are incredible and very important to me. I cannot understand why nobody wanted them. I bet they are all jealous now! :) 

What is the best pet name you have come across?
I will never forget my rabbit patient called Bun Jovi 

What is your favourite famous animal?
Walt Disney was a genius as he knew there cannot be anything more entertaining than animals as main characters. My favourite is obviously Donald Duck! 

What's the best aspect of working for Vets4Pets?
I am very happy to work for Vets4Pets as they are really vets for pets. Pets are priority and we are here for them.

Shaun Fisher RVN

Head Veterinary Nurse

Bryony Baron RVN

Kylie Waddington SVN Vets4Pets Pudsey

Kylie Waddington SVN

Student Veterinary Nurse

Lilly Proctor SVN Vets4Pets Pudsey

Lilly Proctor SVN

Student Veterinary Nurse

Ruth Coldwell Receptionist Vets4Pets Pudsey

Ruth Coldwell


Hayley Scott Receptionist Vets4Pets Pudsey

Hayley Scott