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Meet the Shrewsbury Meole Brace Vets Team
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Vets4Pets Shrewsbury Meole Brace

Meet the team

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Jonathan Richard Benson BVM&S MRCVS

Practice Owner and Veterinary Surgeon

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Katherine Sonley RVN

Practice Owner and Veterinary Nurse

Vicky Peterson

Veterinary Surgeon


I love spending time with my family.I have 2 young children so I like getting out to the play park, going.on.bear hunts in the woods and getting.out to the national trust. I also love cooking, esp a Bbq, singing and rugby. Having married a welshman, the 6 nations is our house!


At the moment I have a 120litre tropical fish tank. Most of do.not have names but have the inevitable Goldie and a clown loach called Ken after the film director.


l like the fact that a big company can.offer our clients a good standard of care at a time that suits for a price that suits.


I love all.aspects of my job as a vet but particularly like know my clients like extended family.


Before and.during my training as a vet, I worked.for William Hill the bookmakers. I think it has stood me in.good stead with talking to people, but also the.odd.tip.for the Grand National! I also had a race horse named after me. Exciting stuff.

Helen Stoneman

Veterinary Surgeon

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Erica Shaw



I have studied Art at University so I do like to doodle. I have a few elaborate portraits of my partner’s cats in military uniforms on the walls of our living room.


what pets do you have, names, funny quirks etc. I have a family dog who is a (not so) Minature Schnauzer called Hugo, & my partner has two cats – a Maine Coon called Takeshi, and a Bengal x Maine Coon called Kovacs. Takeshi wakes me up every morning at 5am by sitting on me and breathing heavily because he can’t purr. What do you like most about working for Vets4Pets? Lovely new practice with a great veterinary team and of course seeing caring pet owners & their pets!


Whats your favourite part of your job as a receptionist/nurse/vet etc? Meeting owners and pets, giving helpful advice and making sure they get the best experience when they come to see us no matter what the situation is.


Anything else about you you would like to share? I have previously worked in the office of a veterinary laboratory for large animals - sometimes we received samples from Elephants!

Joanna Cope

Veterinary Surgeon


My main interests revolve around family and home. I am a keen gardener and enjoy cooking with homegrown produce. I am still renovating our house after 20 years- but can see the end (or the beginning again!). I enjoy swimming and cycling


What pets do you have at home? I have 4 hens that provide hours of entertainment and eggs!


What is your favourite part about working here? Hmmmm. The bright airy clean surgery and good company.

Melanie Asbridge



I enjoy walking my dog and discovering new places that we can get lost in. My kids keep me busy with their variety of clubs and interests. I look forward to warm sunny holidays with my family and catching up with friends when I'm not running around after the kids!


Sheamus is my big hunk of love! He's a Fox red Labrador who has three loves in life.....Food, Walks & Sleep. His best friend is my 8 year old daughter and their favourite game is Hide & Seek....he always find her! His least favourite game is playing 'dress up', he never looks impressed when she puts socks on him.


I enjoy working at Vets4Pets because I get to meet people and their lovely animals and chat about the silly things they do.


My absolute favourite part of being a receptionist has to be meeting and cuddling as many puppies as I can grab hold of.


If I could be any animal I'd be a Bear because they can eat all summer and sleep throughout the cold winter.
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Steff Griffith

Animal Nursing Assistant


What are your interests outside of work? In my spare time I love to read, especially crime novels as I love a good twist in a story! I have also started to teach myself to cook which I have found I really enjoy. I also have 4 dogs which take up the rest of my free time!


What pets do you have, names, funny quirks etc? I have 4 Poodles, one standard poodle Ted, and 3 Miniature poodles Vinnie, Aero and Cookie! They all have their own unique personalities, but one thing they all have in common is that they all love to go swimming!


What do you like most about working for Vets4Pets? Before I started working for vet4pets I was a client for many years and I was always so impressed by how caring and friendly the team were! Now as an employee of vets4pets I love the fact that the team are so close and friendly, also the team always all work together to achieve the best outcome for their patients


Whats your favourite part of your job as a receptionist/nurse/vet etc? 

I love that no day is the same! 


Chloe Griffiths

Student Veterinary Nurse


What are your interests outside of work? I enjoy going walking, playing hockey and reading.


What pets do you have, names, funny quirks etc? I have Bruce my collie, kelpie golden retriever, Meg who is a working sheepdog, Oscy the cat who was a kitten that my family hand reared, Taz the horse and Monty the lamb


What do you like most about working for Vets4Pets? The great team that I get to work with everyday


Whats your favourite part of your job as a receptionist/nurse/vet etc? I enjoy nursing inpatients and helping them get back to full health.